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The young teenager on the right in the picture above is Cassie Sainsbury, the now 22-year-old woman currently residing in a jail cell in the land of the long white lines.

In the picture with Cassie are her mother Lisa Evans (centre), her sister Khala Sainsbury (left) and her nephew (name withheld due to age).

Lisa Evans and her Khala Sainsbury, with the assistance of a rumored million dollar cheque from the Sixty Minutes program, are now in Bogota .


We can but hope there will be a happy ending so that the three generations of women of Cassie’s family pictured above (grandma Barbara Johns is at front) may take another family portrait sometime soon.

Who knows, with a freshly found wad of pesos in her pocket Khala may even march down to a local boutique and splash a few bucks of her new-found riches on a new t-shirt or three.