Some things in this life are important. Our mothers, our mortgages, our our kids, the national economy, world poverty, life, the universe, everything; but to those born in Queensland nothing is as important as the State of Origin series.

Ignorant fools claim that that they are only footy games. Forgive them oh Lord for they know not what they say or do. There is life, and there is death, and then there is State of Origin. Any idiot knows that.

In Game One of the 2000 State of Origin series a rough and ready forward ragged in Maroon and called the Raging Bull branded the NSW police officer turned elite rugby league referee in charge of the match a cheat. He was sent from the field for uttering his heart-felt remarks, and copped heaps about his passionate paoaeon against double knock ons and injustice for years.

Turns out though that Gordon Tallis was right the whole time. Bill Harrigan was indeed a cheat, and always had been.

This is an extract from a speech made to Qld Parliament by an MP named Shaw in 1988.

He was spot on the money.