In the best tradition of the Catholic Church former Archbishop – now Cardinal (as in sin) – George Pell was whisked off to Rome and hidden in the confines of the ludicrously independent sovereign state of the Vatican City, a walled enclave no bigger than your garden variety strawberry farm, that houses just 842 citizens – many of them, such as Jozef Wesolowski, Benjamin Ratzinger and Pell himself – heinous criminals responsible for the sexual abuse of children, and each protected from being properly tried and held accountable for their crimes.

There are no extradition treaties between the Vatican City, or in fact anyone at all. Once a kiddy fiddler or specialist cover-up cleric nips behind those ancient walls, they are pretty much home free, except of course if they wander outside the 110 acres of impunity marked by the obelisk that Caligula stole from the Egyptians, and get nabbed by one of the many international authorities seeking to bring them to justice.

Probable Paedophile Pell is one of this elite guard, and in the crazed world of the Catholic confederacy has been elevated to the third most powerful position in the global church, and thus is at odds of a million to one of ever again leaving the safety of the city walls, and even longer odds again of ever returning to his island home to give evidence at the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse, at the conclusion of which he faces near certain arrest for his heinous crimes the moment that he steps from the sanctum of the witness-box.

Anyone who truly believes that Pell is too ill to fly back to Australia to face the music is as deluded as those that believe that Pell did nothing to conceal the wholesale rape of young Catholics under his watch, and nearly as mad as those that believe that the Cardical himself isn’t partial to a bit of pre-pubsecent cock. Do what once Father George did and pull the other one, for it plays jingle bells and hey, it’s Christmas and the celebration of the messiah’s birth after all.

For Christ’s sake.

He’s sick alright, our man George, but it ain’t his heart that’s the problem, because he doesn’t have one. His sickness runs far deeper than the central pump station, and stretches all the way down into the bowels of hell; but the River Styx will freeze over before he ever surrenders to a justice that he and his dress wearing protectors believe does not apply to faux men of faux a god like themselves.

Faux men of a faux god such as Josef Wesolowski, a former Archbishop in the Caribbean who used to dress up as a gangster and rape young shoeshine boys behind sacred statues, simply because he could, and it felt good. This sicko is, like Pell, harboured and hidden from judgement by the smiling Pope Francis (in reality just another Jorge), the reformist who preaches righteousness but speaks with a forked tongue as he sermonises against sex abuse but refuses to hand rapists over to the courts and prisons of the land in which they committed their vile crimes.

And what of Ratzinger? The for a brief time known as Benedict, the Pope consigned to the dustbin of history, a former nazi and almost certain paedophile who just prior to the global sexual abuse scandals erupting was also whisked away with neither warning nor explanation, and has literally never been seen again. He was sick too – or at least that’s what we’re told – but truth be known he’s probably playing chinese checkers with Cardinal Pell as we speak. That is if they are not instead swapping naked pictures of young boys that once were in their care, and reminiscing about the good old days when the parish kids were their playground and sodomy their unbridled joy/

They are monsters these un-people, psychopaths of the highest order who take the Lord’s name in vain as they conceal their crimes behind their holy orders, and cower behind the transplanted Jerusalem walls. But they and the men in collars who harbour them have moved so far from the words that inspired the construction of the walls that they have long forgotten the words of the deity that they claim inspires their deeds.

So let us remind them of the words of Deuteronomy 7:26 – Do not bring a detestable thing into your house or you, like it, will be set apart for destruction. Regard it as vile and utterly detest it, for it is set apart for destruction.

A plague of darkness and locusts upon them all.