Mr Myers QC who appears for Cardinal Pell has renewed the application that Cardinal Pell give his evidence by video link from Rome.

In support of that application he tendered a medical report from Professor Patrizio Polisca, the director of complex care emergency medicine ‘Tor Vergata’ University Teaching Hospital, Rome dated 29 January 2016.

The report confirms the evidence previously before the Royal Commission and indicates that Cardinal Pell is suffering from hypertension (for which he is being treated), ischemic heart disease, complicated by a previous myocardial infarction, cardiac dysfunction related to the arterial hypertension and previous ischemia and some other issues not of immediate relevance.

The Professor concluded as follows: “All the above mentioned functional and clinical changes have a negative synergistic effect with regard to your cardiovascular and respiratory functional capacity, in particular when going on a small walk on [sic] even slight physical exertion, when preparing to spend prolonged periods in a depressurised environment (airplane flight), with consequent relative haematic hypoxia and increase in blood pressure.

Due to that outlined above, the undertaking of a long journey could induce an episode of heart failure and were this to occur during a flight it would also be difficult to treat. In conclusion, the clinical problems which Your Eminence presents therefore make it difficult for you to undertake a flight to Australia, which could entail serious risks to Your health.”

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse: Reasons for Decision re George Pell non-personal attendance, 8 February 2016

In the best traditions of church folk who place the interests of pedophile protectors before those of their innocent victims. the Professor lied.

George Pell is alive and well and traveling the world with gay abandon, laughing at us all while he and his friends victims weep.

All the while the Victorian Director of Public Prosecutions dither, and the senior police officers who for decades have covered up the Catholic church’s crime throw their hands in the air and look the other way.

Thus there is no arrest warrant, and no application for international extradition, and the criminal of a Cardinal is free to merrily flit across the oceans while justice softly sleeps.

And I say to myself, its a wonderful world.

Like George I lie.