Here’s an interesting question for you sportsfans.

If a rug-wearing red-faced rogue gives advice to a kiddy-fiddling covering up Anglican Inquiry into child sex abuses conducted in 2003 and is quoted as telling the Archbishop – who he taken a solemn vow to serve – that a priest cum doctor who abuses a churchgoing patient isn’t the church’s problem, then what the hell might the same bloke have advised the Archbishop about covering up serial sicko Kevin Lynch’s crimes?

What the fuck is Freddie Whitehouse’s uncomfortably close friend’s nephew Paul De Jersey doing holding the office of State Governor of Queensland anyway?

And why the hell is a bloke like De Jersey the patron of the purported child protection charity Bravehearts when he has clear and demonstrable close connections to nearly a quarter of the institutions publicly examined in the case studies conducted by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse?

Hey wasn’t De Jersey a member of the school council of Churchie when little boys were being abused by their teachers and gymnastics coaches?

Isn’t he the Official Visitor to Brisbane Boys Grammar where Kevin Lynch touched 200 plus boys dicks and ended a dozen or more of their lives?

Didn’t he directly provide legal advice to disgraced pedophile protector, absolutely discredited Anglican Arcbishop and shamed and shameful former Governor General Peter Hollingworth?

The old man reckons that in the swinging 60’s De Jersey joined some toy soldier outfit called the University of Queensland Regiment just so that he could avoid the Vietnam Draft. Don’t listen to that silly old cancer stricken c*nt though; poor old Dad’s never gotten over the loss of his three Geebung mates who copped bullets in the head in the jungle near Khe San, and it’s sent him a bit spacko Joe.

Governor De J’s a boy scout isn’t he?  He’s gotta be okay.

Scouts honor and all that your former honor.

There’s one thing though that I’ve never understood.

Why is it that some queer quokkas call the draft dodger Daphnis?

And who are those blokes in the funny hats?