So a 13 year-old kid gets caught smoking pot at School.

The Principal susses out that he was being bullied and bashed by rugby types – no doubt incited by their self-fashioned facade-building ‘man’s men’ teachers – because he was gay.

Although he’d never said a word to anyone about it, the Principal had created a job at the school for gay mate of thirty years standing after the sh*t had hit the fan at Brisbane Grammar (where the pair had worked together for a decade and a half) about pretty warm allegations being made by a parent that his mate had touched up young students, and things got so hot that even his mates long-term protectors realised that if had to walk the plank and exit the school stage left forthwith if they wished the scandal to be hosed right down and then made to disappear.

Of course they wished it very much.

So the Grammar power brokers leaned on a politician mate and made sure a seemingly inconsequential law change was passed by Parliament so that the mate in the gun could leave Grammar before it all blew up but still get his super; and the the Principal played his part in the play about Lords of Rings by creating a job for his mate and making sure that he got it, and now the gay bloke worked for him.

And had an office behind a locked door with a red light on the front.

The Principal knew how much his gay mate – who wasn’t really gay at all, but rather a pedophile who preferred young boys – would salivate at the thought of a confused young bit of trade walking through the door and into his parlor, so he recommended to the pot-smoking cutie’s parents that he may well be able to avoid the seemingly inevitable expulsion he was considering if only the boy would agree to reeducation by his mate, whose name was Mr Lynch.

The parents of course agreed, and no doubt told their lad that he better bloody play the game with the counselor and do exactly what he was bloody told if he knew what was good for him. The frightened and confused boy, who both wanted to stop getting bashed at school and not to upset his parents any more than he already had, of course agreed too.

The obvious questions about fact that he would have to see the Headmaster’s mate at his home after hours while alone probably didn’t enter the bong-pulling young St Paul’s pupils head, or his parents either. The Principal had provided him with a pathway back to the future and there was no f*cking way that he wasn’t going to take it.

Thus another sex abuse victim was born.

The Headmaster of course rushed directly to his mate’s locked office to tell him that a gay boy was on his way to see him, and suggest that video tapes of their fast-looming trysts would be just fine and dandy. His mate of course was so overjoyed at thought of a nubile new boy to play with, and equally so excited about the opportunity to show his savior how much he appreciated his largesse that he forgot to mention that gigglingly sharing  the gossip about the new meat’s gayness may not have be quite kosher.

Who cared though because they had the whole game stitched up.

Given the inexplicably incompetent conduct of the Child Abuse Royal Commission’s investigation and examination of the crimes of Kevin Lynch and the institutions that aided and abetted him you’d guess they still do.

You see punters the fix was in at the Royal Commission. This is Queensland, the fix is always in. After all the linear descendant of a long line of corrupt cop commissioners wasn’t appointed to run the Royal Commission because he was good looking was he?

But why did they do it?

Why did the people who were supposed to uncover all the details about Lynch’s crimes and those who abetted them deliberately obfuscate the evidence by failing to call crucial witnesses, conducting unconscionably cursory examinations of those they did call, and leading us side ways and backward so they could set out a story that had been already long known?

The right Royal fix was in, of that there can no longer be any doubt. The Royal Commission’s failure to act on or even acknowledge the evidenced we have uncovered about about Kevin Lynch’s criminal child abusing past renders the crooked conduct of Case Study 34 a no brainer.

But why did they do it?


That my dear sportsfans is the million dollar question.

An finding the answer our challenge.