I’ve just read the joint report commissioned by Abbott and the NSW Government into the Martin Place siege. This is the Liberal-sponsored ‘let’s get ahead of the Coroner’s findings’ report that was intended to be a forward advance white-wash of the whole disaster.

In fact though, it’s anything but, and despite the best attempts of the authors, it makes it clear that our National Security is simply a joke, and that the sequence of events that lead to 2 Australian’s dying simply because they chose the wrong joint to order their flat white was a f**k-up from woe to go.

We learn nothing about how the hostages died, because after consultation with the NSW Coroner, it was agreed that it would not be appropriate at this time for ithis report to address the issue.

But the fact that they even bothered probably tells you all that you need to know. The police killed at least 1 of the hostages and injured a large number of others.

The guts of it all is that Monis lied to enter the country – claiming he was a target of the Ayatollah Khomeini, when in reality he was just a garden variety thief who had fraudulently obtained $200 000 then taken the bolt – and Australian authorities believed him, without making even the most cursory of checks.

Within a few days he was on ASIO’s radar, but despite a number of adverse security assessments over the next couple of years he was dismissed as a shell-shocked victim – despite the fact that he had never seen war – and was granted a Protection Visa.

WIithin a couple of months Monis stages a hunger strike outside Federal Parliament, makes inflammatory comments on ethnic radio, then stages another protest in front of the NSW Parliament House.

INTERPOL Australia open a file on him and request information about his background from Iran; but because no extradition treaty exists between us and them, no info is received and Monis’ file is closed.

The day after the 9/11 tragedy, Monis phones ASIO with information that Iran is behind the attacks. It is of course total BS, and after a number of interviews ASIO mark his file with words to the effect of “Kook, Loon, Alfoil Hatter and Nut Job”, and forever thereafter information about Monis’ nefarious activities is disregarded.

Between 2002 and 2003 he pretends he is a spiritual healer, and commits perverted sexual assaults on vulnerable women, 40 charges are later laid against him. He is on bail for them at the time he enters the Lindt Cafe for the last time.

In 2004, Monis is granted Citizenship and becomes an Aussie. On paper, at least.

Over the next three years he makes numerous calls to ASIO offering ‘information’. They review his file and reconfirm his official status as a nut-case. His file is re-marked ‘Ignore This Imbecile and Anything He Says, or Anyone Has to Say About Him’.

He and some other f**kwit then register an organisation he calls ‘Hizbullah Australia’, and in 2008 he sends letters from the organisation to the Attorney-General, Prime Minister, Opposition Leader, Foreign Minister and ASIO, stating that the group is now registered in Australia and hopes to begin activity as an Islamic organisation.

ASIO look at their files, and again dismiss him as a nutter.

Monis then sends vile letters to the widows and children of Diggers murdered in Afghanistan, telling them that their Anzac hero loved ones were pigs, and deserved what they got.

A year later – a f**king year! It should have been 30 seconds – he is arrested and charged with postal offences with regard to the letters (he should have been charged with treason).

Four years later – yes 4 f**king years – in 2013 – he is convicted of the offences of telling young kids that their hero Dad’s were swine and deserved to be slaughtered. He cops 300 hours community service and a good behaviour bond. He should have been hung.

In the time between committing his vile deeds and being sentenced for his crimes, Monis is charged with intimidating his former partner, and a DVO is taken out against him. He contests and beats the charge and has the DVO lifted.

His former partner is then brutally murdered at her home. Monis’ girlfriend is charged with her murder. He is charged as an accessory. He spends a month in custody on remand, then for reasons inexplicable he is given bail.

In April 2014 the germ is again arrested, this time for the 40 for sexual offences committed a decade before. He spends another month in jail, and then unbelievably is once again granted bail.

8 weeks before the Martin Place siege Monis is charged with another 37 sexual offences. His previously granted  bail is continued. Two people are soon to pay a heavy price for this gross failure of the judicial system.

In the week prior to the Martin Place siege 18 calls are made to the National Security Hotline expressing concerns about threats Monis is publicly making on his Facebook page. Because his file has been marked ‘Nutter’ the complaints are ignored.

On Friday 12 December 2014 Monis appears in the High Court, seeking to have his convictions in regard to the postal offences overturned. The High Court tells him that he’s a c**t and that he can get f**ked. They toss his appeal in the trash.

3 days later he tells Australia that we’re the c**ts and that is us who can get get f**ked. After another 17 hour failure by the authorities, Monis and 2 innocent cappucnio drinkers are dead. Many more are suffering trauma and injuries that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

They are thankful that they still have lives, but increasingly angry at how this situation was allowed to occur.

After reading this report, we should all be.