The mainstream media is a curious c*nt of a beast isn’t it?

A few months every rag in the land was talking up the electoral prospects of Pauline Hanson’s One White Nation party and positing it as potential government breaker, even though every journo with a brain knew that the disparate mob that Malcolm Turnbull’s desperate and idiotic double dissolution had breathed new life into was polling less than two percent.

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story a bloke named Samuel who called himself Mark once said, and goodness gracious me wasn’t old Mr Clemens spot on the money when he declared that a fraction too much fiction is never quite enough?

Pauline Hanson interested in dollars per vote?



James Ashby equally as interested in an earn as his new found political soul mate and latter day boss?

No way!


They are sprung on tape plotting a scam, and it’s a front page story?


What was it that Kevin the Great the first once said?

If you build it they will come.

Home James!

And don’t spare the horses.