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It sickens me to write this, but the truth must be told, and with each passing hour it becomes more and more obvious that the hostages of Martin Place were killed and wounded not by the barrel of the devil’s spawn Man Monis – the most inappropriately named person in history, for this asshole was anything but a man – but instead by bullets fired by the police who are supposed to protect us.

It’s time to be honest with ourselves – this was a f**kup of monumental proportions. Despite what the New York anti-terror Chiefs tell us, Monis was not an ISIS member. He was simply a mad, bad, lonely lunatic clutching for any straw that would feed his narcissistic need for relevance, and 2 lives have been lost as a result and many more irrevocably injured.

Waking from our grief and shock that this could happen on our shores, many are beginning to ask how and why it all happened. Why was this bastard on bail after being charged with orchestrating his former wife’s murder? How did he continue on bail after being charged with rape? How did he only receive 300 hours community service after calling dead diggers kids the sons of swine?

What the hell is wrong with our justice system?

But worse, at a time when our politicians have acquiesced in deception to raise the terror level to high, why was this deranged lunatic with a pedigree of violence and anti-Australian activity not monitored and tracked? Why was he free to roam the streets, to obtain a gun and walk into a cafe full of innocent, decent Australians and ruin so many lives?

These questions are starting to be asked, and will continue until they become a crescendo that will drown out the shrill noise from our sorry excuse for a Prime Minister, who to his eternal shame has become the cheerleader for the rabble, wantonly creating a narrative that Australia has been violated by Muslim terrorism, when in fact our peace has simply been violated by a vile individual with a world view akin to that of Martin Bryant.

Take heed of this moment. It is the juncture at which the average Australian – people like you and I – begin to realise that we are being conned. The moment that we begin to understand that our parliamentary representatives care nothing about our future, but only about theirs. The point in time that we are brutally forced to understand that the war on terror is merely a battle against ourselves, a test of our collective ability to see through the lies and understand that those that we trust to protect us cannot.

It is out to become worse. In the coming days and weeks we will learn that the victims of Martin Place died not at the end of a lunatic’s gun, but rather as a result of an unplanned and panicked assault by our security forces. The erstwhile Australians dedicated to protecting our land, who through a combination of poor planning, inept leadership, and arguments about command made the fatal mistake of storming the cafe and unloading their bullets into the terrified hostages.

While all the time the trained counter-terrorism experts stayed  barracked at home at Holdsworth Barracks. How sad, how tragic, how totally f**king disgraceful.

We continue to be told that our innocence as a nation has been violated. That terrorists have invaded our shores. That repression is the only answer, and we must yield and surrender or suffer the wrath of hell.

It’s all lies.

A devil with a black heart and a big gun has ripped our collective hearts out. Our leader deceives us about how and why. We tremble as we walk down the street, and our heart skips at the sight of a hijab. Ours is a nation divided, wrought by loathing and fear, rained down on us from above.

Where do we go to from here?