At the time that the maniacal narcissist Mon Monis entered the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place and took all those poor innocent people hostage, as we watched the disaster unfold live we implored the police to stop f*cking around and just shoot the bastard in the head. Forget about legal liability, forget about the rights of criminals, forget about being charged or sued – just shoot him, and save innocent lives we cried.

The police didn’t, and as a result two Australians going about their daily business – one a lawyer buying a coffee, the other a barista serving it to her – died, and 4 people were shot and injured, with god knows how many others traumatised for life.

It was a f*ck up of epic proportions, almost as epic as the attempted cover-up that has followed.

First Monis was painted as a terrorist, an Al Qaeda operative intent on bringing down Australia and all our great country stands for. He was nothing of the sort – he was a goddamn homicidal maniac. It was simply disgraceful spin and media manipulation, wrought in order to hide the massive holes in National Security, state surveillance, and judicial incompetence that allowed the bastard to be on the streets and enter the cafe to unveil his evil, rather than be residing in his proper place locked behind bars.

After all, this was a man charged with being involved in – nay, complicit in – the vicious murder of his previous wife by his crazed new girlfriend, also out on the streets on bail after stabbing the former Mrs Monis dozens of times until heart stopped ticking and she took her last breath.

Next a joint Federal/NSW inquiry was initiated, which told us 2/3rd’s of f*ck all except that it wasn’t the authorities fault – he was a terrorist flying under the radar! – until you read the well-hidden fine detail, and started to vomit. 

Then we learnt that wealthy business owners were covered for the loss of latte sales caused by the chaos, but that injured workers and the families of the dead were not. In Tony Abbott’s land once of the Fair Go the best you could hope for if you had a bullet in your body was a bit of government funded counseling, and you should rejoice at the fact too.

Finally, to the Coroner’s Inquiry, the detailed investigation that would reveal the truth about whether Archie was right in his summation that the police totally ballsed it up and ended up shooting a number of the victims due to their ridiculous reluctance to act on the information held and the calamitous events unfolding before their very eyes.

Now we’re going to learn what really happened. Or so the victims thought. But I suspect that the Arch Man is correct, and that the police have something to hide. Lots in fact, for guess what?

The lawyers for the boys in blue have made applications to have 292 statements of documents suppressed, and 110 of the applications still remain outstanding. 


What reason could the coppers have for trying to hide the truth about what happened on that terrible December day in 2014?

Your guess is as good as mine. And I reckon mine is pretty bloody good.