Regular readers will be aware that during the last year we’ve written extensively about a young man named Matthew Leveson who has been missing for the past decade.

We took aim at a man named Michael Atkins who we are certain murdered him, and exclusively unveiled his Brisbane address and drove the bastard out of town in the hope that it would save other young men from falling prey to the narcissistic sadist, drug dealer and cold-blooded killer.

Along the way we attracted the opprobrium of executives from News Limited, who first attempted to bill us and then threatened to sue, all because we republished one of their images of the odious Atkins so that we could warn the young men of Queensland about who he was and the danger that he posed. As is our custom when convinced we are correct and fighting on the side of right and might we didn’t care about the consequences or the threats uttered by people whose heads are up their arse, and thus told News Limited to take a flying leap.

But where there is dark there is also hidden light, and along the way we also became friends with Matt’s mum and dad Mark and Faye Leveson, two salt of the earth Australians and great people who have done their son proud by never giving up hope of bringing him home.

Mark and Faye knew in their minds that their beloved Matthew was dead, murdered at the hands of Michael Atkins, but although they never said it like any parent in their situation a tiny little shard of hope that one day their beautiful son would walk smiling through the front door surely glimmered in their hearts.

Tonight that ray of impossible hope has been extinguished after the dedicated men and women of the police and search crews who have toiled in vain for months in the dense forest of the Royal National Park south of Sydney trying to help Mark and Faye bring Matt home late this afternoon uncovered what appears likely to their boy’s remains.

Our heart goes out to they and their family as they grapple this evening with the reality that the son they loved with all their hearts is finally gone. But these good people can stand tall and proud, and know that when they meet Matt again in heaven they will be able to look him in the eye as he embraces them and says ‘Thanks Mum. Thanks Dad, You brought me home’.

And they can sleep forever safe in the knowledge that the murderer Michael Atkins will never despoil Matthew or them with his presence ever again.

There is no place among angels for the heinous beasts of hell.

Long may the bastard burn.