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What you are reading below is the verbatim transcript of what Kevin Lynch told one of his child sex abuse victims on December 1996.

The victim was wearing a police ‘wire’, and the entire conversation was listened to and recorded by Queensland Police officers, who soon after charged Lynch with the series of child sex offences that ultimately led to the guilty as sin pervert taking the easy road to hell rather than facing punishment on earth for his terrible crimes.

On the tape Lynch clearly admits to being a party to illegal Class A drug use, and trolling the streets of Brisbane for young meat to take home and sexually abuse.

That is par for the course for a sick pervert like Lynch.

But then there is this.

Lynch tells his victim that after his drug injecting and abusing young f*ck buddies – who were living in a halfway house after being released from either rehab or prison – raped him when they were off their scones on speed, he called his good mate the Assistant Commissioner of Police.

The man who swore a solemn oath to uphold the law.

The second most senior ranking policeman in the State of Queensland.

A law breaker whose name is almost certainly Greg Early.

Lynch’s long time neighbour and family friend.

According to what Lynch is recorded as saying he arranged for Early to effect a fake arrest on the junkies who raped him.

Early had police officers collar the offenders and drag them into an unnamed  police station. They were taken into an interview room and worked over by police. According to Lynch the officers ‘really turned it on’.

The junkies were subjected to a formal police interview, and made to believe that they would be charged with serious offences, including presumably rape.

But it was all for show.

The interview room recording devices were turned off. No record was made of the interview. It was an orchestrated sham.

Kevin didn’t want any trace of it on the record, because he didn’t want anyone to know.

His neighbour Greg orchestrated the scam as a favour for his mate, and to scare the junkies away.

A wholesale conspiracy to pervert the course of justice was executed.

The law that the police officers swore to uphold was smashed into small pieces.

Two drug offenders and rapists were allowed to walk away free.

All to protect an incorrigible serial pedophile.

Every word that Lynch said was listened to by police, recorded and transcribed.

Yet not a single question was asked about the actions of the Assistant Commissioner.

The fix was well and truly in.

An extraordinary crime was committed by one of the highest ranking officers in the force who had sworn to uphold the laws of Queensland.

This mind-boggling transcript of the police recording was tendered into evidence at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Yet still no questions have been asked, and no investigation has been launched into what is without doubt a seeming crime of the most serious magnitude.

All that is about to change.

Read what Lynch had to say and ask yourself how this could have happened and been allowed to pass unchecked.

Something is rotten in the State of Queensland.

Very, very rotten indeed.