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And then all of a sudden, like a bolt out of the blue, at page 12 of his police statement regarding the disappearance of his wife and kids, the man who must surely – in the real world at least – be the prime suspect throws a huge spanner in the works.

All changes, changes utterly; and a terrible ugliness is born.

Billy remembers that Estelle didn’t start work at 1oam like he has been saying for the last 4 pages of his statement.

She in fact started at 12.00pm.

Yet he is firm in his conviction that he did not travel to Norman Wild’s place at Carina until after she had left for work.

The time therefore as he sits as Mrs Dubois’ kitchen table is not midday at all.

It is 2pm.

His entire story to follow becomes both implausible, and utterly impossible.

What he has sworn in his police statement simply could not have happened, and by any reasoning or logic must certainly be absolutely untrue.

But the man who was sworn to uphold the law who is taking the statement, Detective-Sergeant Ronald Redmond – less than 2 years later to be immortalised by Tony Murphy, the widely-suspected of the rotten Rat Pack, on his list of corrupt police as a ‘trusted friend’, the highest accolade that can be afforded a crooked copper – didn’t bat an eyelid, or ask a single simple question about this dramatic shift in McCulkin’s statement.

There can only be one explanation. And it explains everything.

Redmond was in on the Joke.

So was Edward William McCulkin, the long-time police informant and long-suspected wheel man in the Whiskey Au Go Go murders.

They knew exactly what had happened to Barbara, Vicki and Leanne McCulkin.

And Vince O’Dempsey and Garry Dubois were being set up for the crime.

Holy f*ck!

The wrong men are in jail.

Dubois and O’Dempsey didn’t do it.

Oh my God! What the f*ck is going on here?

How much has Queensland really changed over the past 26 years?

Judging by this, not much.

Not very much at all.