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Sadly we missed the first part of Adam ‘Gimme’ Moore’s evidence, but we’ll catch it up on replay later. Let’s though go straight to action live after lunch.

Moore looks nothing like you’d expect. Or maybe he looks exactly as you’d expect, because he wouldn’t look out-of-place behind a bank counter, or in the front row of a Baptist church.

Just Joe Average really, but inside he has a soul as black as coal I reckon. It’s the eyes that give him away. As the bead twirler says, never trust a bloke whose eyes are too close together. They are always shifty c*nts.

Don’t leave your wallets or handbags unattended in Salem today folks. Not for a second.

We kick off the afternoon session with Gimme telling Smacka that he has known Glen Wadsworth – 50 Cent – for about 14 years.

And then we learn immediately that Gimme’s testimony is simply going to be a litany of lies, for he tells us that he never spoke to 50 Cent about the Mansion on the Hill, which is patently untrue.

He says he never spoke to his PA Eliza Davis about the Mansion on the Hill either.

What a crock.

He claims that neither 50 Cent nor Mirvac had any business at Cornubia, site of the mansion – ain’t that the truth – and if he had ever seen anything that put 50 Cent and the Mansion site together he would have noticed it he reckons. So nup, he never knew a thing, despite the fact that he was sent a meeting request that clearly asks him to attend a meeting at the Mansion with 50 Cent present.

Nup, never saw it, he says. Young Ms Eliza Davis must simply have ESP then, because she declined the invitation on his behalf, and if Gimme’s evidence is to be believed – you’d be a fool – then she did so without ever mentioning it to him.

Come off the grass gimme, you can’ possibly expect us to believe that.

But he does, because he repeats it, saying he never, ever saw anything putting 50 Cent and the Mansion together.

Smacke merely sighs.

She’ll get him. Don’t you worry about that.