So this is how it rolled.

50 Cent (Glen Wadsworth, of Wadsworth Constructions) was given the gig as contractor at the Orion project.

Smartie (Mirvac Project Manager Matt McAllum) gave it to him.

He – 50 Cent – falsely invoiced the project for $77 000 worth of work.

That $77 000 was in fact the cost of work performed on the Mansion on the Hill (the Cornubia property) of Yogi and Cindy Bear (David and Jenny Hanna) by subcontractors engaged by Smartie top perform such tasks.

Each of these subcontractors knowingly issued false invoices for the work that they had performed.

Smartie was aware that the invoices were false, but approved them nevertheless.

50 Cent also knew they were false, but ran them through his books.

Irish Eyes (Natalie Croghan) knew they were false too, but processed them nevertheless, because she was told too.

Gimme (Adam Moore) ticked off on it all.

Prawns (Brad Garlick, former Mirvac State Administration Manager) was responsible for the overall approval process, but didn’t notice a thing.

A chap named Marco Belano (the Mirvac Site Manager) was in charge of checking the contract variations resultant from the frauds, but somehow didn’t.

There is no suggestion that the CFMEU had any knowledge of any of this, or anything to do with the whole affair. In fact, quite to the contrary – David Hanna, then of the BLF, appeared to be the union go to man on the projects.

To date not one a single Mirvac executive has been questioned about the whole affair.

That is the current state of play.

Something is very, very rotten in the State of Springfield.