It’s a great headline isn’t it?

In fact it’s almost as good as this one.

oo123456.jpgIt’s just a shame that neither are true, and that the only fraud is the one that The Australian newspaper is trying to pull on you.

I’ve written extensively in recent days about how the self-proclaimed national ‘Newspaper of Year’ (it is fact our country’s only national newspaper) has been relentlessly and absolutely cravenly assaulting a prominent child-sexual abuse victim who while suffering from then undiagnosed major post-traumatic stress disorder committed a serious offence some three decades ago, served his time and has turned his life around in the two decades since his release.

At the outset I declared my conflict of interest in the matter, revealing that through our parallel but distinctly separate efforts to afford justice to child sexual abuse victims the man and I have become friends, and outlining where I stand in relation both to him and to the stories that a pair of journalists from The Australian have been writing and the newspaper’s pathetic excuse for an Editor has been publishing about him.

I disclosed my interests because this is what real journalists who are committed to their craft and have ethics do. It’s a great shame that at least one of the authors of the tall tales published in The Australian doesn’t share my view of how writers should conduct themselves because Geoffrey Luck, the co-author of the deceptive and totally unethical pieces, has a major conflict of interest in relation to these stories he is writing about this man that he has wilfuly and deliberately concealed from the newspaper’s readers.

Given that Luck refuses to alert his audience to this massive conflict I will, in due course, but first I wish to draw your attention to the massive and utterly mendacious misrepresentations that The Australian is making to the national populace, and to kick off the series of stories I have in the locker and will be publishing about this wholesale media fraud I want to draw your attention to the headlines published on page 6 and page 21 respectively of today’s edition of the Weekend Australian.

I’m Archie Butterfly and I’m from Geebung and as such I call spades spades and bullsh*t bullsh*t so let me tell you that these headlines published n the paper today are the greatest load of crap since Kevin Walters tried to tell you that Anthony Milford was a State of Origin five-eight’s arsehole.

The subject of these stories is not being accused of fraud at all, and he’s not being accused of extortion either. What he’s being accused of – falsely mind you – is harassment by computer, the purported harassment being the terrible sin of seeking compensation and reparation for the violent criminal rape perpetrated against him by a ‘Christian Brother’ who was his school teacher and who brutally sodomised the man when he was a child of just eleven years old.



Most folk call it justice, or a lawful and totally legitimate attempt to settle a wholly valid legal claim, the type that lawyers like Tony Morris QC – a Brisbane based-barrister and feature figure in the craven tale who is another with an absolutely avaristic conflict of interest that I will soon expose – send off to those with direct and vicarious liability for damages caused to victims every second day of the week, and in the matter beings wrongly reported on and willfully distorted in The Australian the victim’s claim for compensation is totally, utterly and demonstrably justified.

After all, the perpetrator admitted in a signed and witnessed statement that he did it, and even described in intimate detail the sequence of events leading to the rape and ‘passions’ (normal people call it psychopathic, perverted, violent criminal lust, but let’s not let the facts get in the way of good story) that led the so-called man of God to commit the evil deed against the innocent child. He probably got off on remembering it too; pedophiles are prone to revel in their wretched presumed glories.




If any claim for compensation is justified it is one seeking redress for a brutal violent rape committed by a grown adult in a position of trust against a young child in his care and under his control, surely only a madman or three would disagree.

Those madmen’s names are journalists Geoffrey Luck and Ean Higgins, and newspaper editor Paul Whittaker. They say that the rapist who recalled precise details of his horrible crime and wrote to his victim detailing them was under duress, and simply manufactured his extraordinarily personal and detailed confession about his crimes because he was acting on bad legal advice.


Now that’s a world first isn’t it?

A man who puts up his hand and says ‘Well yes I am a violent child rapist and perverted pedophile and I did rape you and sodomise you, but I didn’t mean to, it’s just that I was on my way upstairs to my bedroom and saw your little eleven your old pubic hairless self sitting alone and vulnerable and I became overcome by passion and just couldn’t stop myself from violently penetrating you and in the process ruining your life’ (and thus condemning you to have it ruined all over again 50 years later by being made the subject of a totally bullsh*t, slanted, conflicted series of one-sided and totally amateurish stories in a newspaper cravenly claiming to be published ‘for the informed Australian).

Never in the annals of history has such a man – sorry, poor excuse for a man – performed such a deed. Take a bow brother lawrence guy lambert (the pervert pictured below) you are truly a groundbreaking pedophile and absolutely one of a kind.


So then three years later –  at a time that his order of lay wankers riddled with pedophiles and criminals with a long track record of covering up child sex abuse attacks is under legal assault by now-adults who have suffered life-long damage and harm – the self-confessed rapist reneges on his confession and throws his hands in the air and says ‘Stop! Stop! I lied! I’m not really a rapist who sodomises little boys sitting alone whose paths I cross when I’m heading to my bedroom for a quiet wank and who take my fancy. I made it all up. I did! I did! You have to believe me!’

Would you?

Of course you wouldn’t, not in a gazillion years.

But the bulsh*t artists harboring a hidden agenda from The Australian did.

And so they set out to ruin a reformed man and his family’s life, and they are doing a damned good job of it too, claiming in national headlines that he has committed all manner of crimes that aren’t contained in the body of the story, and causing parents of the man’s child’s schoolmates to cancel sleepovers and quite probably cast the teenager into isolation, opprobrium, depression and who knows what else.

Not on my f*cking watch they won’t.

Know that charge of ‘harassment using a computer’ that The Australian claims the lawyer for the order of (un)Christian Brothers is going to make a complaint about to Queensland Police?

It doesn’t exist.

There is no such offence.

Check out the Queensland Criminal Code 1899 if you don’t believe me, and show me where I have got it wrong.

Trust me I haven’t.

The only people telling the truth are the victim and me.


Boris the black hack knight of the newspaper industry

The Australian have made it up, just as Geoffrey Luck, Ean Higgins, Paul Whittaker (pictured above), Tony Morris QC (pictured below), brother lawrence guy lambert and the lawyer for the (un)christian brothers have made the whole goddamn story up.


The Queer Customer in thrall to his long dead school headmaster

They’re a f*cking disgrace, this whole rag team team of wretched, treacherous, sin-laden murder of monstrous liars. May a pox descend rapidly upon all of their houses.

Perhaps then the pious truth-pimping pox-bandits might just begin to understand the terrible thing that they have just done.