Cindy Prior is a Noongar woman from Western Australia.

Ean Higgins the jackass journalist delights in telling you so, not because it adds to The Australian’s never-ending story about an insignificant court case, but because he’s a racist prick who’s surreptitiously calling Cindy a coon.

Alex Wood, Mr Powell and Mr Thwaites are white fellas from Queensland.

Ean Higgins the jackass journalist who wants to be Hedley Thomas but never will doesn’t tell you that, because balanced reporting ain’t this big bad boy’s thing. Making snide racial slurs about aboriginal plaintiffs and driving them out of the State, and attacking ¬†innocent child abuse victims and making their kids cry is more this poor excuse for a reporter’s game.

How the hell is plaintiff Cindy Prior’s race or ethnicity relevant to a story about a small-time court Brisbane court case if the race and ethnicity of the respondent’s isn’t?

Because she’s a black woman, that’s why, and simpletons and simpering idiots have always throughout history preferred to judge people by the colour of their skin rather than conducting an unbiased assessment of their character.

Does it matter a damn that the f*ckwit clown who calls himself a writer is French Canadian? Of course not. A hack’s always going to be a hack whether he comes from Montreal or Muckadilla Siding. The creed and the colour don’t matter, it’s the quality of a journo’s work and his adherence to the ethical standards of his profession that counts.

Backwards in Ean Higgin’s case

Or sideways, or perhaps even saidissues.