Have you ever seen the Woody Allen movie Zelig?

Or the Academy Award winning Tom Hanks flick Forrest Gump?

Both widely acclaimed films feature a lead character who against all odds keeps bobbing up in a most unlikely way in seminal events in history, and the film makers play on the inherent absurdity of the central player’s appearances in so many crucial events to illustrate the biblical duality of darkness and light, truth and lies, and reality versus perception.

So, bearing this fictional duality in mind, what on earth do you reckon the odds are in real life of one man:

(a) Typing the unsigned statement – widely believed to be a brick – that convicted the supposed Whiskey Au Go Go killers?

(b) Serving as the trusted deputy to the deeply corrupt and later jailed Queensland Police Commissioner Terry Lewis?

(c) Playing a role as an integral member of the team in the highly controversial McCulkin Murder investigation?

(d) Growing up as a child in a street just around the corner from Tony Murphy, the crooked king who was the most corrupt police officer Queensland has ever known?

(e) Living directly across the road from Shirley Brifman, the woman whose evidence would have put Murphy away if she had lived to give it, at the exact time that she was murdered?

(f) Buying a million dollar mansion in one of Brisbane’s most exclusive suburbs on a copper’s wage just months after Brifman’s death?

(g) Enlisting in the police force only a fortnight before the second most corrupt copper Queensland has ever known and suspected mass-murderer Glen Hallahan, and going through the same intake at the Police Academy as the man?

(h) Whilst Assistant Commissioner of Police in 1989 being named in State Parliament and accused of actively and improperly interfering with a major police investigation into an organised pedophile ring, demanding and gaining access to the evidence obtained by officers on the task force and then unlawfully and inexplicably leaking the highly incriminating material police had obtained to members of the pedophile ring?

(i) Heading the police union during the period that is actively campaigned for the removal of Police Commissioner Ray Whitrod, a man widely believed to have been the only honest chief cop in Queensland in over half a century?

(j) Ordering a police crackdown on sex shops that closed down every illicit pornography retail outlet in Brisbane except for the four owned by Hector Hapeta, a drug dealer and pimp later jailed for corruption after the Fitzgerald Inquiry found that he was paying wholesale bribed to bent cops?

(k) Heading the police Licensing Branch during a period that Fitzgerald found that the police branch was engaging in widespread organised crime, including taking massive bribes in return for protecting pimps, pornographers, illegal casino operators and others who built flourishing and highly lucrative vice empires with impunity, safe in the knowledge that the large sums of cash they handed to highly-placed officers in the Licencing Branch rendered them immune from arrest?

(l) Being named at the inquiry by self-confessed former corrupt senior cop and roll-over witness Graeme Parker as the fourth member of the infamously bent Rat Pack?

(m) In the presence of Terry Lewis’ long-time personal assistant witnessing the removal of never-identified material – that were then and now rumored to be highly-explosive documents and photographs used to blackmail senior members of parliament and the judiciary – after being allowed to by a then chief investigator for the Fitzgerald Inquiry and later Police Commissioner, despite the officer knowing that both the man and Early were suspected of corruption and would be named in evidence at the Inquiry?

(n) Being adversely named in evidence at the Fitzgerald Inquiry?

(o) Despite all the above becoming the Commissioner of Queensland Police?

(p) Being succeeded by the fella that he and pedophile Kevin Lyncg’s neighbolur of 20 years, best friend and police protector Greg Early witnessed emptying the contents of Terry Lewis’s safe just a few years before?

Would a million to one be well and truly under the odds?

Would ten million to one be as well?

If I threw in the added challenge of giving me the bloke’s name and gave you odds of a about a hundred million to one would you risk a hard-earned dollar speculating on the possibility of such a long shot landing the biscuits?


Only a mug punter would be so stupid as to waste a buck on such a crazy gamble.

That mug punter would now have ten million bucks in his pocket, for one bloke actually did all of the above – and a whole lot more – and he wasn’t a character in a movie, he was a crook who became for a brief moment in time the Acting Commissioner of the Queensland Police Force.

Ronald Joseph Redmond was the fella’s name, although he was better known simply as Ron, or Ronnie to his close mates and code-named corrupt bankers.

Just like streams of Whiskey the murky waters of the Brisbane River run deep, and the ghosts of Bonney Avenue haunt us still.

Don’t you worry about that.