Quami points the bone at Barbaro – but he’s too stupid to realize that its actually a mirror

The following is the transcript of a telephone conversation made on 30 December 2013 and intercepted by NSW police.

Two weeks before a man named Joe Antoun, whose family are known to me, was executed at his home in front of his common law wife and young twin daughters.

Farhad Qaumi, the former leader of the Blacktown chapter of the Brothers 4 Life gang, is currently serving a 43 year minimum in Joe’s murder and other crimes. He should have been sent to the gallows.

Pasquale Barbaro, suspected by the courts of commissioning the cold blooded execution – most likely in concert with a man named Les Elias, currently hiding but in in full view in Manila, the Philippines – is serving this life and the thereafter in a casket, and is missed by no-one.

Both small-time gangsters imagined that they were the big men around town.

Clearly they were wrong.

Whales always swallow sharks.

And dead dogs don’t bark.

VI: Farhad QAUMI

V2: Pasquale BARBARO



MIKEY: Michael Odisho (aka Cohen)

VI: Smash it on the head!
V2: Fucking settle down
VI: Yeah brother?
V2: Mate they’re gonna think you’re not talking about fish
VI: Na, Wallah, I’m talking about fish. I’m telling Tallo” Kill it, put it in the…
V2: You all right?
VI: Hey?
V2: You all right?
VI: Yeah brother, I’ve just been fishing brother, I’ve been out all day brother, on the boat
V2: This fucking dog rings me today’
VI: Who?’
V2: I never heard of him in my life, I don’t know who the bloke is, some cunt, he ring’s me up and goes,
VI: Who?’
V2: Huh?’
VI: Who?’
V2: ‘Some cunt, Mike or Mick or Mikey or something’
VI: Yeah’
V2: ‘He ring’s up, “Yeah mate”, I go, “Yeah’, he goes, “Where are ya?”, I go, “In the city who’s this?” He goes, “Don’t worry who it is”. He goes, then he goes like this, he goes, “You think your Afghan mates a sick cunt?”, I said, “Who, brother tell me who?”, I said “Who, who, who are you talking about?” Anyway, then he went on and on about it, it’s on my phone, anyway, I said, “Oh yeah, anyway, where are ya?” He goes, “Auburn”. So I went to Auburn, just to see who it is, I just want to go see who it is, may be he’s got a hot sister or something, you know’
VI: Yeah’
V2: And I go there, texting, texting, nah, we’re at Yagoona KFC now, so all right, I went to Yagoona KFC, where are ya, eh, we had to go catch up another, I go “Who is it?” They go “Don’t worry”, he goes this and that, der der der, anyway, you ever heard of this cunt? He goes, his here, his there with um, with Weiss and some other cunt’.
VI: Is that the one that [I][2] got opped, popped or something?’
V2: I don’t know, I don’t know him at all, I don’t know no cunt that name’
VI: ‘Mikey?’


Michael ‘Mikey’ Odishio (right) – Da last man standing- For da moment

V2: Yeah’
VI: That’s the one I sho…., I think thats the one that got popped, I think’. [That the one that got sho… I think that’s the one that got popped, I think.]
V2: ‘Aye?’
VI: That’s the one I got sh.., is he Assyrian?’ [That’s the one that got sh … is he Assyrian.]
V2: I don’t know what he is, he reckons, he goes’.
VI: ‘Is it that Fred, Fred, Fred’s coey’
V2: I don’t know, don’t know the cunt’.
VI: Yeah, it’s probably him’.
V2: ‘Say, come down, “Who you with, where are ya?, again, nah, he goes Listen, I’m with that, this, that, all these names, you know, Weiss?, fucking Wally, you know, I said, oh yeah, I said anyway, I’m there, and they said your Afghan mate thinks he’s a sick cunt, I said I don’t know any Afghan’s, I said I don’t know none, like none, I don’t know any, who are you talking about?’
VI: ‘Err’
V2: ‘and then they started to bridge up, I said anyway, we’re talking on the phone, I don’t know what you’re talking about but 111 come and see youse, you know, where are ya?’
VI: ‘Err,
V2: Brother, I wasted three and a half hours, I went here, here, here, here, nowhere, nowhere, you know’.
VI: ‘Mmm’
V2: Yeah’
VI: Why did they call you for but?’
V2: ‘Just called me, being sick cunts, they wouldn’t say who is it, I’m saying who is it, who is it, all they said is that, I don’t know why they called me, they didn’t want to see me’
VI: Yeah, but why would they call ya, why would they call, they got, they, that little cocksucker, aye’.
V2: They were calling me, they wanted to see me, I went to see them and they didn’t want to see me’.
VI: Yeah, that little cocksucker’
V2: Yeah’
VI: Yeah’
V2: ‘Nah, but you know what they are doing, they’re just trying to talk, talk rubbish on the phone, you know like, we don’t do nothing, you don’t do nothing, they’re trying to get us to talk, you know’
VI: Yeah’
V2: But then, anyway, what they tried to do, they tried to go out of their way to mention all this about some Afghani, this and that, (unclear) I said, I don’t know man’
VI: Yeah’
V2: Yeah’
VI: “Err’
V2: You don’t speak to no-one that would fucking, huh?’
VI: ‘On the phone?’
V2: Yeah, on the phone’
VI: Yeah’
V2: ‘So anyway’
VI: Yeah (laughs)’
V2: Yeah, funny cunts, brother I went there, you know how far it is, it’s fucking an hour’s drive’
VI: ‘From you’
V2: Yeah, I went there, Auburn, then I went to Yagoona’
VI: ‘You know what it is brother, it’s a facade brother, it’s a facade, you know what a facade is?
V2: Yeah’
VI: There trying to put on a facade brother, you know what I mean brother’
V2: Yeah, but then, then they called, I said yeah yeah, anyway, anyway, like, I said I’ll come down’
VI: Yeah’
V2: I said, anyway, you know who this, I said, “Who’s that, who’s with ya, who are ya?”, like, who, whoever the fuck it is. He goes “Don’t worry brother, you’ll see us when you see us, bring your sick cunt Afghan mate”. I said, “Nah, nah, I don’t have any Afghan mates, I don’t know anyone Afghan”, I said anyway, I’ll come down, this and that and they go, “Oh yeah, I’m with Weiss, we’re all with Weiss”, I said, “Yeah, you’re with Weiss, tell him I want to see him, I’ve been dying to see him”.
VI: ‘Oh, is that what they called you, him, Weiss?’
PB : ‘Nah, then they bring that, that’s in the third call, I said, “Oh yeah, that sick cunt”, I said “I’ll come and see him, have him with ya”, I said, “But listen, anyone who’s friends with him, or anyone who says hello to him, I’m putting on the dog” I said, “I’ll be there soon, so don’t talk on the phone”
V2: Yeah
V2: So I went there, no one to be seen, they said this Park, this Street in Auburn, no one there, I sat there for half an hour, (unclear) Mate, I sat there, anyway, it doesn’t matter’.
VI: I’ll talk to ya when I see ya brother, I’ll talk to ya when I see man, don’t worry about it’.
V2: ‘Nah, I’m not worried, but I’m just saying, have you heard of this cunt, no way, what do you mean, innocent brother’
VI: Bro, the only Mikey that I heard of cuz is the one that got, that got, Sh„ that, that I, that’s what I heard on the news and that, that he got shot’
V2: Yeah, I never even heard of any Mikey’
VI: ‘that’s, that’s, that’s the only one that I’ve heard, it’s that that Fred’s coey’s brother,
V2: Ahhhh
VI: I, I just seen it on the news I don’t even know that bloke, either, you know what I mean’
V2: ‘Ahh, yeah’
VI: It’s the only one I know brother’
V2: Why are they saying Afghan, what’s in their hearts to say Afghan, are they trying to talk something on the phone, you know what I mean?’
VI: Yeah, I don’t know man, but how do they even know that you know me?’
V2: ‘Nah, but that’s what I’m saying, I said, “Idon’t know an Afghan”, but I see ya, where are ya, you know’
VI: Yeah, yeah’
V2: Yeah, then they said, “Don’t worry, we’re not stupid, all good brother”
VI: Yeah’
V2: Yeah, he rang with his number on it and everything’
VI: ‘He rang with his number on?’
V2: Yeah, his numbers on’
VI: ‘Oh yeah’
V2: Yeah’
VI: ‘Forget em brother, don’t worry about em’
V2: I’m not worried about them brother, I’m just asking if you know the bloke, I don’t give a fuck, I went there and wasted my day, I was just gonna say hello, see, put a face to the voice you know’.
VI: Yeah, yeah, I’ll tell ya, I’ll talk to ya when I see ya face to face brother, aye’
V2: Yeah, anyway, it’s nothing, I’m just letting ya know if you heard anything, you know’
VI: ‘Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah’.
V2: Yeah but how did your fishing go, all right?
VI: Very good brother, just fucking, yeah. Here, there’s a few of us here fishing
V2: All right, sick cunt, have a good day anyway
VI: Yeah, thanks brother
V2: All right brother
VI: I’ll speak to you soon cuz
V2: Take care
VI: Bye”