Say it ain’t so, Joe please, say it ain’t so
That’s not what I wanna hear Joe
Ain’t I got a right to know
Say it ain’t so, Joe please, say it ain’t so
I’m sure they telling us lies Joe,
Please tell us it ain’t so

Murray Head

The Queensland Council for Civil Liberties has a long and proud history as a voice against oppressive public laws, over-extension of the long hand of the state, and the excesses of the thin blue line.

Publicly the organisation posits itself as the defender of the rights of the little man and woman, which is ironic given that it has long been controlled and run by lawyers who spend their daily lives grinding out their fortunes in the big end of town, far divorced from the hamlets of Geebung and beyond, the suburbs of BrisVegas that are the daily domains and centers of the universe of we the common people, whose ‘ignorance’ Orwell famously, and perhaps presciently. described as our salvation, prophylactic against the instructed swinishness of our political and intellectual ‘masters’.

Perhaps I am being harsh by highlighting the great gulf between the unelected benevolent libertarians who so prominently proclaim and publicise their efforts to ensure the ordinary woman and man’s individual liberty and freedoms and the subjects of their unsought charitable endeavours.

Maybe I’m a mere cynic, so worn down by the grind of the mundane suburban existence that I daily eke out 11 stations from the urbane epicentre of Vegas life that I have lost the ability to show gratitude to my betters for their benevolence in helping me to live free from oppression wrought by the local MP that I democratically elect and his or her cadre of black-suited, jack-booted thugs.

I know, I know, I should know better.

Forgive me President of the Civil Liberties Council for I have sinned. But hey fellas – no I’m not being sexist luv, they are all mainly fellas – ya gotta cut me slack.

See, I heard Kevvy saying yesterday down in the Zillman Waterholes bar at the Bunger that back in the day you buggers wanted the government to dip into consolidated revenue and give $3 million of our hard earned dough to that old civil liberty crusher Joh Bjelke Petersen to pay the legal fees he incurred in the perjury case that the shyster should have gone to jail for, and would have too if his crooked mates hadn’t hooked the jury.


That was a bit off I reckoned, particularly when Kev went on to say that the Trog – Terry O’Gorman – the big wheel in QUICKLE – the Qld Council for Civil Liberties – went public venturing the opinion that Joh shouldn’t have to face a retrial on the charges he schemed his way out of because the poor bugger was too bloody old. For f*ck’s sake Trog he lived another 20 years! Almost as long as bloody Jesus’s whole damn lifespan!

Then I heard Kevvy say that Trog also wanted us to stump for the red-hotter than Fine Cotton Judge Angelo Vasta’s legal costs for the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry ring in that had him sacked but saved from his fair whack of justice in the scandal that those in the know still today call the ‘When Fitzy Met Harry After the QC Pie F*cked Up’ affair.



Fair dinkum you Civil Libertarians, you’d have to be dead set pulling the mug punters chains wouldn’t you? You wanted to spend nearly $5 million of our dough on a pair of millionaire scammers who were shiftier than Sidchrome spanners in the supposed named of liberty, when the pair had respectively been responsible for giving cops the green light to bash Geebung kids protesting against apartheid, and directed a jury to bang a bloke up for murdering a little kid when he was about as guilty as Mother Teresa was of running a whorehouse.


I have to tell ya hearing these true crime tales that Kevvy was telling gave me the absolute shits, to the point that it turned me off my pink lemonade and caused me to jump on the 2.15 courtesy bus and turn tail back home to the Polo Club, which gave the missus a hell of a fright and must have given the nude water reader one too, or at least that’s who she said the streaker jumping the back fence and bolting down Buhot Street in the direction of the Gern’s butchery was anyway, and Bead Twirlers don’t bullsh*t, or at least of course not unless they’re the Pope or the Cardinal and have been given the nod by God to do whatever they bloody please.




At that stage I wasn’t worried about underdack-less Urban Utilities underlings anyway; I was more interested in consulting the good Dr Google and checking out whether Kevvy’s mail about the corrupt couple and the Civil Liberties Council was legit. Of course it was – Kevvy’s always spot on the money – and thus bitten by the what the bloody hell bug I kept pushing keys on the wireless typewriter so I could find out a bit more about this previously seemingly kosher but now suddenly quite suss outfit QUICKLE.

I’m afraid to admit that in my haste to work out what the hell was going on I forgot to set the search parameters to ‘Straya sportsfans, so the first thing the good Doc Google delivered was a piece from a pommy website.

It damn near made me fall of my bloody home bar stool I’d borrowed a few years back from the Bunger. This is it.


The PIE is the Pedophile Information Network, the global pre-internet kiddy-fiddler’s collective. They were known as a fact to have had members in Australia.




Jesus H. Christ! The Poms had to be talking about Clarrie Osborne and Dr Paul bloody Wilson!

Two know perverts, one in jail and one in hell, both as a consequence of their disgustingly deviant pedophile defilement of innocent youth.


I asked Dr Google more. This is what he answered.


Bloody hell Doctor, tell me more.

I typed in ‘Civil Liberties Age of Consent’.

This came up.



Then I remembered that Dr Paul Wilson had been involved in the Council for Civil Liberties, as had Matt Foley, the former Attorney General who delivered a public eulogy at pedophile Kevin Lynch’s funeral.

And that Paul Breslin, the kiddy-fiddler who was arrested and jailed alongside pedophile police officer Dave Moore and ABC announcer Bill Hurrey in the mid 1980’s was involved with the Prisoners Aid Society, which had links to the Qld Council for Civil Liberties.

Surely all this has to be mere coincidence.

The Australian arm of the Pedophile Information Network couldn’t have infiltrated the civil liberties movement in Queensland in the 1970’s and 80’s could they? Right under the noses of the lawyers that ran outfit?

No way.

But I guess they said that in England too.

Looks like we may have a wee bit of research to do.



Editors Note: The author and publishers make no claim that any person featuring in this article other than Dave Moore, Bill Hurrey, Paul Breslin, John Stamford, Kevin Lynch, Charles Oxley, Clarence (Howard) Osborne or Dr Paul Wilson is a pedophile or is or has been at any time knowingly involved with, supported or facilitated the sexual abuse of children. Quite to the contrary, we say without equivocation that they have not. It is however in our view a matter of public interest to examine whether pedophiles such as the persons named above or others may have secretly infiltrated honorable organisations performing public services such as the QCCL for their own nefarious purposes.