There’s a significant social benefit to be gained by a child rapist unburdening his guilt to a bloke in a dress who’s never had a shag is there Terence? He’s attempting to get help by doing so is he son?

Did you ever consider that the sick f*ck might just have been boasting mate?

The average Australian would surmise that there are far more significant social benefits to be derived by having an adult who’s just confessed to perpetrating of child sex crimes taken off the streets by being charged and jailed than benefits that may or may not come about if the pedophile decides or does not decide to seek help to deal with their perversions.

And let’s me totally honest here Terence, the confessor can’t organise help for the middle aged male who’s just confessed to raping a twelve year old boy unless the rapist on the other side of the curtain specifically asks the cleric to can they, for if the priest did it of his own volition that would be a breach of the sanctity of the now semen stained confessional too wouldn’t it?


And puh-lease Mr O’Gorman, don’t insult our intelligence with your deliberately misleading claims that child abuse is going to end because the tests applied by the church today are light years from what they were in the 70’s when the serial confessor and sexual beast McArdle was in the seminary in the early 70’s.

There’s a whole debate to be had about how the Australian church vets the credentials of priests it imports en-masse from from Africa, Asia and India because no Australian wants to blacken their name by signing up to a kiddy-fiddler’s club of at least a century’s standing and the Seminaries are all being sold off. I for one doubt they check them at all, because these men have already been ordained in their home countries.

But let’s avoid giving abuse denying so-called Civil Libertarians like O’Gorman an opportunity to throw bullsh*t racist allegations at a writer who’s got a brown wife and kids, and just keep it simple by asking:

What about the brother’s bro?

This dumb punk from Geebung don’t see the sexual abuse claim numbers going down as time passes my man. In fact unless this nigga’s eyeglasses have turned into mirrors overnight they appear quite clearly to be going UP!. Who’s messing with who’s truth here homeboy?


Let’s stop being polite and just cut straight to the core of the issue Mr Tricky O’Gorman. There’s nothing civil about c*nts who abuse children. They can unburden their grimy guilt-ridden souls as many times as they feel the need- or get off on boasting about their sick pleasures, whichever the case may be – but the fact is that that sick, sad excuses for Christians can recite all the Our Fathers and Hail Mary’s and prayers of atonement in the world, but when they’ve finished playing the pious repentant sinner and the bullsh*t stops they’re still just f*cking pedophiles aren’t they?

If my profanity offends you mate I really don’t give a flying f*ck, because I can absolutely guarantee you that your absurd argument that beasts who admit to child rape in dark room should be allowed to get away with their crimes just because they’re Catholics rather than Amish or Anglican or Animist or whatever upsets me a whole lot more than a few cuss words could ever make you wince, don’t you worry about.

Where’s the liberty in a child being sexually violated? Rape’s fundamentally and inherently an act of violence,: what’s civil about it? C’mon Terry tell me., please. Explain to us all why keeping confessions to violent crimes against kids is more important than the rights and liberties of the violated minor, and then go on to expand further on the subject and present a rational argument about how and why your supposed civil libertarian reasoning applies only to Catholics.

You can’t can you?

That’s because you’re simply a half-baked hypocrite. You might well be highly skilled at raising technical legal defenses to help deviants avoid being served the dishes they so deeply deserve, but when it comes to balancing the rights of the child against the interests of the Irish/Roman church whose venal values run so deeply through your veins you have the objectivity of an atom bomb and the ethics of Enola Gay.

And that you elect to abuse the office you hold in the purportedly progressive volunteer organisation you’ve for so long ruled over like the vicar of a small country town congregation and use it as a platform to protect pedophiles, on the sole basis that they’ve confessed to a Catholic priest and not a cop, is simply a sin.

You’re a disgrace O’Gorman, an absolute disgrace, a man who’s prepared to bend and stretch and snap in half if you have to all that you so piously proclaim to hold dear. Liberty, civility, the law, even the values taught by Christ – you’ll f*ck them all if it suits your own agenda and you’ll do it without a blink.

But we both already know that don’t we counsel?

Just as sane folk know that solipsists who solemnly believe that the interpretation of Christ’s messages that have been so distorted over the centuries by Caesars, crusaders, cruel cassock-wearing despots, and dickheads who imagine they’re descendants of David is actually the truth, the light and the way, and that sin’s just a distraction that can be cleansed in an instant by a quick visit to a crank in a confessional box.

Well brother it ain’t that simple. Let’s render unto Caesar’s what is Caesar’s and call you to earthly account.

You and the closed shop of lawyers, labor hacks and half-baked fame junkie wannabe beauty queens that comprise the Queensland Council of Civil Liberties that serves as your front outfit claim that the organisation was founded for the purpose of ‘protecting and promoting the human rights and freedoms of Queensland citizens’.

Well let’s take a quick critical examination of that shall we, for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – adopted by the UN 69 years ago with Australia as a signatory -lays out exactly what the fundamental rights of Queensland Citizens are and aren’t..

Article 3 decrees that everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. Not being sexually violated against your will is obviously fundamental fundamental to your liberty and security. Only a moron would disagree with this self-evident truth.

Article 5 declares that no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Holler out as loud as you can anyone who believes that rape and child abuse is kind, human and uplifting?

Is that silence I hear in the house? It’s deafening.

Sure I’ll concede that Article 18 allows everyone he right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; and the freedom to manifest their religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

But I’ll see your cards and raise you triple with Article 29 because it mandates that in the exercise of a person’s rights and freedoms they are subject to such limitations as are determined by law for the purpose of securing due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others and of meeting the just requirements of morality, public order and the general welfare in a democratic society.

And goes on to say that none of the rights and freedoms laid down elsewhere in the declaration may be exercised contrary to these purposes and principles. Then Article 30 wraps it all up with a neatly tied ribbon by concluding that no State, group or person has any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms of man just described.

In other words, the act of f*cking kids is a gross violation of their human rights; the person or people who’ve f*cked them are human rights abusers; and anyone who tries to justify or conceal these c*nts crimes under any pretext whatsoever is simply an uncivil barbarian, an enemy of liberty, a frightful foe of freedom and a hater of human rights.

Tick, tick, tick, tick.

I’ll throw my two cents in and say its London to a Brick that they’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing as well, and either a liar or a dangerously ignorant buffoon to boot.

I’m talking about you Terence.

Pedophiles can’t be cured by Catholic Priests you clown.

Their River Styx deep deviance can’t be cleansed by confession.


They can’t be cured by Catholic counselors either, or non-Catholic counselors, or social workers or psychologists or psychiatrists or any type of doctor in the world.

Drugs don’t work, chemical castration’s can’t curb their inner psychological imbalance, exorcism’s an extraordinary waste of time and faith healing’s a fake.


They’re devils dressed in suits and ties and singing psalms Terrence.  Body and blood of Christ quaffing liars, Lucifer’s on earth lit large.

Nothing can save them, not even death, and they don’t care a dime, because they’re just here for a good time and when its over they know they’ll be going back to the place from where they came and there’s no other place they’d ever rather be, other than between a little boy or girls legs feeding the ever-hungry lust that fills their black hearts as they suck the life from the little child’s soul.