Closing remarks of Crown Prosecutor Angelo Vasta during trial of Justice Peter Francis Underhill, charged with indecently dealing with a 16-year-old child in a Caloundra public toilet block. Underhill was later acquitted, although lingering doubts about the trial remain. In relation to judges assisting police, never a truer word was said I suspect.

Cast of Characters

Vasta – Angelo Vasta, disgraced judge

Morris – Tony Morris QC, Vasta’s barrister, child sex abuse denier, jellyfish

Salvatore – Sal Vasta, then his father’s government-paid associate, now judge

Doug – Doug , Vasta’s lawyer and Morris’s instructing solicitor

Bikie Bandits – Controversial case involving prosecution of 6 police officers on drug and perjury charges after they shot 2 young junkie armed robbers up with 3 whacks of heroin each, injected in the confines of the Brisbane Watchouse. Vasta,, who was in regular communication with corrupt Police Commissioner Terry Lewis at the time, dismissed the charges against the police officers. Lewis almost immediately began lobbying the then Queensland Premier Joh-Bjelke Petersen to appoint Vasta a judge. Vasta, Lewis,

Gibbs – Sir Harold Talbot Gibbs (usually known as Bill or Harry) former Chief Justice of the High Court, the bloke who hooked a Commission of Inquiry into police corruption in the mid-sixties Famously tagged the only person in Queensland who couldn’t

Fitzie – Fitzgerald Inquiry head Fitzgerald Anthony ‘Tony’ Fitzgerald, at the time a close mate of Morris QC, who had previously worked as his associate

Farquhar – Murray Farquhar, crooked NSW Chief Magistrate and associate of gangland leaders. Jailed for 4 years for perverting the course of justice after engineering the dismissal of fraud charges faced by former NSW Rugby League chief and Labor mate Kevin Humphries, who had stolen more than $50 000 dollars from the Balmain Leagues club he headed. Had earlier let a drug chief charged with the importation of several tonnes of marijuana off with a fine. Later charged with numerous offences relating to a Philippines gold scam but died during the trial.


Infamous photo of Chief Magistrate Murray Farquhar at the races. Next to him with the dark hair is Nick Paltos, a doctor later jailed for mass-scale drug importation. The other man in the picture is George Freeman, head of the NSW underworld in the 1980’s. 

Callinan – Ian Callinan QC, government counsel during the Fitzgerald Inquiry. Later became a High Court Judge

Cedric – Cedric Hampson QC, father-in-law of Tony Morris QC. Papal Knight, represented the Qld Police Force during the Fitzgerald Inquiry. Alleged by highly respected crime writer Steve Bishop to have conspired with Judge Edward Williams to protect corrupt former police officer Glenn Hallahan from facing trial on heroin importation charges.

Bob – Former Queensland Chief Justice Dormer ‘Bob’ Andrews. Close friend of Sir Edward Lyons, inveterate drunk, gambler, National Party heavyweight and close confidante and business partner of Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen.

Murphy – disgraced former High Court Judge and ALP Attorney-General Lionel Murphy, caught on police phone taps conspiring to pervert the course of justice. Died before the matter could be finalised. Previously suppressed documents and recordings inculpating Murphy will be released in the coming weeks.

Paul Everingham – Former Chief Justice of the Northern Territory turned lawyer. Regarded widely during his time in power as a redneck racist. In 2012 publicly called for the abolition of the States of Australia, seemingly unaware of the country’s constitution.