A picture tells a thousand words – Andrew Little under the pump and about to be dumped

You won’t read about this in the mainstream media because the lads and lassies in the newsrooms are too busy regurgitating press releases and badly crafting them into stories to get out on the streets and sniff the wind, but we have an exclusive hot tip for all the Kiwis out there and those that follow politics across the ditch.

Labour leader Andrew Little, who is polling in the Arctic Zone, will be sacked when the rooster crows tomorrow and replaced by either Wellington MP Grant Robertson, who would become the party’s first openly gay leader, or Auckland MP and Helen Clark darling Jacinda Arden, who would become one of the youngest in the party’s long and proud history, and without any doubt the best looking too.


Whichever way the leadership numbers fall the pair will form the new dream team seven weeks out from the country’s General Election, and the news will no doubt deliver Labour an instant bounce in the polls.

Of course NZ Labour will pretend that Little is standing aside for the good of the party, or for personal reasons, but the truth is that he’s been made to walk the plank, and thank goodness for that too most Labour supporters would be thinking, for under the leadership of the wholly inept Little the party has been heading for an electoral annihilation and a reserved seat in electoral oblivion for at least a decade to come.

I’ve been personally critical of Little and his leadership for a long time now, and have openly expressed my views several times on this site. He is to be frank a bumbling, mumbling, stumbling bum who was painted as the great white hope by those who didn’t know him and those who did who should have known better. It was BS from the start: Little is nothing but a union bureaucrat who was gifted the role in the industrial labor movement that shot him to national prominence, and then when all the runners fell at the hurdles along the way became the Steve Bradbury of NZ politics when he lucked into the Labor leadership.

The problem is and always was that Little was out of his depth and punching well above his weight, a fact reflected by him being unable to even secure an electoral seat, forcing him to rely on high-level party patronage to gain a high place on the Labor list and remain in parliament. Little’s poll numbers have been for a year now among the worst I have seen in my 3 decades involved in politics, and he has long been a dead man walking.

By bringing his political death forward 8 weeks though Labor have put themselves back in the game, and now, under New Zealand’s MMP system the party is suddenly a real chance of securing enough votes to enable it to enter into a coalition arrangement with the Greens and other parties and seize back the reins of power for the first time since John Key toppled Helen Clark at the ballot box a decade ago.


Incredibly though, as it so often had over the past 30 years in NZ politics, it will all come down to which way Winston Peters (above) and his New Zealand First party jump after they poll their inevitable 10-15% at the election. If Winston takes a step to the left Labor win government; if he steps to the right the Tories will retain their grip on power for another three years.

At least now the election’s going to be interesting.

Just remember you heard it first here.

Butterfly’s wings stretch wide, don’t you worry about that.