When a piece of hollow dead wood falls in a forest can anybody hear it? The Services Union issues a call to arms, and it’s members play deaf

You have to hand to the incompetent half-baked bosses from The Services Union, just like the pub brawler who thrusts his chin out at a prize fighter they’re always good for a cheap shot and a simple story about suckers without skill.

Yesterday the union with 1000 or so members working at the Brisbane City Council called them out for a lunchtime rally so they could flex their muscles and wave their fists and show the head council honcho’s who the boss really was in their 15 round scrap for an above inflation and better than the average un-unionised punter’s pay deal.

It must have seemed like a good idea at the time I guess, but it wasn’t. In fact they might just as well have saved themselves the mid-winter sunburn and waved a white flag, because only about three of the union’s members turned up.


Well, maybe I’m over-stating the case.

At least one turned up.

The fella on the right.

The rest in the picture are staff of the moribund non-campaigning union, paid employees well practiced in acting as a rent-a-crowd.

Here’s at least four of them at a different union protest again a different employer six months ago. Spot the black shirts and the familiar faces?


Gee wouldn’t you be quivering in your boots if you were the Brisbane City Council boss?

A solitary flexi-time loving bloke from the rates department has turned out in force alongside a bunch of paid unionists who couldn’t even turn out their own paid union colleagues in force.

Brisbane is going to come to a stand still. The Council’s going to be brought to it’s knees and the boss’s will be begging for mercy.

It’s all over for you and your bloody LNP Quirky.

You’d be wise to give up now, because ‘these council workers’ who some unions call members mean business, and are ready and raring to go when the strike bugle’s blown by the big union Banana.

Well sort of, anyway.

Attendance is optional.

If you can be bothered getting off your arse though, just make sure that you bring your union flags.

After all, in the absence of leadership, members, support, ideas or hope The Services Union staff need something to hold onto.