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Like most people I got carried away with the sensational revelations at the Trade Union Royal Commission this afternoon and started believing that for once David Hanna was telling the truth when he said that Michael Ravbar ordered the wholesale destruction of documents to conceal them from the prying eyes of the Trade Union Royal Commission.

But then I started looking at the documents, and began to reflect.

Michael Ravbar has been accused of organising all manner of right of entry breached and different forms of industrial actions. But they are an occupational hazard for construction union officials, and just part of the game. If you can’t get on to a building site then you can’t organise workers, and then the bosses win – for they keep wages and safety compliance costs down – and the workers lose.

And then it’s champagne all round at the top end of town, and serious injury and cake for the peasants; and that’s exactly the reason that the bosses make it so difficult for unions to get on sites and why the political parties that they handsomely donate to institute witch hunts like Salem and cosy up to lying scumbag corrupt union officials like Kathy Jackson and David Arthur Hanna, because it suits their cause.

The most wanted man in the whole of Salem during the current Royal Commission is Ravbar. He thumbed his nose at the Sultan by being chaired into the Brisbane hearings last year by a cheering throng of members, and has withstood the multitudinous assaults on him by the Salem Assassins over the past 15 months, always emerging unscathed.

There is a reason for that. It is because he is upright, honest, and straight; as straight as a die. He may be pedantic; he may be a control freak; he may be unapproachable and rub people up the wrong way; he may have done a whole bunch of people over – including my friend, mentor and working class hero Gary Flack – but the one thing that people always say about Ravbar, including people like my mate Flacky, is that he is 100% union, and that he is honest.

Unimpeachably honest.

David Arthur Hanna, the former BLF Secretary thrown together with Ravbar in an amalgamated union by virtue of internal politics and economic realities, is not straight. Quite to the contrary. Hanna is a venal, greedy, dishonest, deeply corrupt man who has accepted gifts in kind of more than $150 000 in the building of his gaudy garish mansion high on a hill in Cornubia, an edifice to his avarice, and a monument to the darkness of his soul.

Hanna has admitted that he accepted largesse from the employers against whom his members expect him to lead their struggle. He has blatantly and brazenly lied to the Royal Commission, changing his story whenever he sees fit – or more correctly, wherever he sees benefit – and has openly admitted that he has perjured himself before the Sultan, Dyson Heydon.

His own union has found him guilty of gross corruption in his dealings through the private company and slush fund masquerading as a benevolent institution – the BLF Charity Foundation Pty Ltd – and by his own admission he has falsified documents with the premeditated intent to deceive senior officials of his union, in order to advance his personal position within the union.

And this list of crimes is merely skirting the fringes of Hanna’s criminality. I will say without any equivocation whatsoever – and challenge the Hanna to take legal action if he believes that I am wrong – that he has taken bribes from employers in order to provide them contractual benefits; that he has omitted fraud against the Australian Taxation Office; that he has misused his position as a board director of various outfits – including the Government-owned Stadiums Qld – for personal gain; that he has improperly and immorally appropriated for personal gain materials donated to the rebuild of a Slacks Creek, Logan home in which 11 people died; and that this man has sold his soul to the devil, if in fact Satan did not own iot from the beginning.

This is the man whose multitude of sins have seemingly been forgiven by the masters of Salem.

The man who has been granted an extraordinarily soft passage through the past 3 days of hearings, despite his admitted litany of lies, perjuries and deceptions executed whilst under sworn oath.

The man who without any doubt whatsoever has recorded a meeting with a senior official of the union whose proud principles he has so terribly betrayed.

The man who has as surely as night follows day provided this recording to the long-proclaimed class enemies of the union he has spent the majority of his working life exploiting, whilst pretending to serve.

The man who has for the past 3 days been acting out a charade – with the explicit connivance of the Royal Commission team – intended to conceal the fact that he is an informer against his own; a dog who has rolled over and betrayed those who once were his friends, in a desperate attempt to save his own soul.

A man ignorant of history who – despite sending his children to high-priced Christian private school named after the site of Jesus execution – is seemingly oblivious to the biblical story of the events leading to the crucifixion, and unaware of the fate that befell Judas Iscariot, the man who sold his friend’s life for 30 pieces of silver.

It is a missed lesson he is going to spend many years contemplating, as he peers out through his cell window at a little tent of blue, that prisoners call the sky.