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So you’ve seen how Michael Madigan has told you bald-faced lies in his attack-job on Michael Ravbar. But it didn’t stop with just one invention of events that didn’t occur; oh no, wait, there’s more!

After regaling us with made-up tales of Sarah McNaughton’s imaginary assault on Ravbar, Madigan next proceeds to marvel at the Royal Commission’s ‘hi-tech wizardry’ in producing very grainy, poor-quality recording of a meeting at Brisbane Airport’s Qantas Club between Hanna and the man investigating him, CFMEU National Assistant-Secretary Leo Skourdoumbis, who had flown up to tell Hanna that he had determined he was guilty of gross misconduct, and about to be shown the door.

Now, not a soul in the world who had listened to the recording would regard it as anything but extremely low-tech – remember, never let the facts get in the way of a good story – and there is a good reason for that, which is that the Royal Commission’s ‘high-tech wizards’ didn’t make the recording at all: Hanna did. Surreptitiously, on the mobile phone that he had secreted in his pocket.

Hanna provided it to the Royal Commission in an attempt to provide ‘evidence’ to support the web of lies that he spun to try to bring Ravbar down after it became apparent that he was likely to face charges himself.

Madigan however is obviously too investigatively challenged to work that out, and prefers to paint the act of a desperate, duplicitous, and deeply corrupt man as some form of superbly skilled surveillance work by undercover Salem spies.

Just as he accepts Hanna’s unsupported claim that Ravbar had his hands all over the covering-up  of the security camera’s – he didn’t (see our previous article or read the transcript) – and just as he accepts without question the self-confessed liar and fraudster Hanna’s evidence that there were nearly seven tonnes of documents taken to a landfill site in a tip-truck, and disposed of before the sleuths from Salem could lay their greedy hands on them.


It’s all absolute rubbish, if you’ll pardon the pun, and it’s rubbish repeated in today’s national Murdoch Sunday paper by the vacuous Caroline Marcus , the sucker for a good story who famously fell hook, line and sinker for a false press release issued by Witchery a few years ago.

They’re a joke the pair of them – and any other journalist who mindlessly reports the 7 tonne lie – because if any of them had undertaken even a modicum of the basic fact-checking that good journos always do, they would have discovered that the ‘7 tonnes’ tale is a complete fabrication, one which the millenia-old laws of mathematics tell us simply could not possibly be true, for reasons which we will explain in our next story.

All of this, added to the gross imprecisions we highlighted in our previous story, are enough to make any half-competent journalist sit up and start to question the whole story that was spun by Hanna and swallowed gullibly by McNaughton and the Salem crew last week in Brisbane. Any competent journo would already have done so when Hanna did a 180% turn and completely changed his evidence on the second day of his testimony.

But not Michael Madigan; he’s convinced that there is a grand conspiracy at foot, and that Michael Ravbar is the grand conspirator.

Forget the fact that the only person making allegations against Ravbar is Hanna – a demonstrated corrupt former union official, a self-confessed fraudster and liar, a dirty rotten thief, and a man who it is accepted by all vowed that “if I’m going down, so too is Michael (Ravbar)’ and I’ll burn the f*cking c*nt”.

Forget the fact that the evidence of such a witness is to be taken initially with a huge grain of salt, and  totally disregarded unless is can be corroborated, by someone, anyone. And that not a single witness – not one – corroborated a single word that Hanna said in his hate-driven spurious allegations.

Forget the fact that the evidence about 15 BLF staff members moving into the CFMEU office on the 31st of March is true, and accepted by all; and that the clean up occurred the very next day, after all the new chums gear had been shifted in and there was both a huge shortage of space, and a huge pile of old rubbish on the floor.

Forget that the clean-up that resulted in the musty, dusty old documents – many of them 20 or more years old – that had been unidentified as unwanted and un-needed had begun early in the day, and the first anyone knew of a Notice to Produce served by the Royal Commission was after 4pm that day.

Forget the fact the CFMEU in fact complied with the notice, and produced all the required documents.

No, forget all that, this is a conspiracy. Because Michael Ravbar’s involved; and because Michael Madigan says so. It’s a conspiracy of two men with the same first name, a Tale of Two Mickeys, if you will.

Someone must have slipped Madigan a mickey for him to dream up this fantastical nonsense I reckon, and now he’s trying to slip his readers one.