Richard ‘Little Dickie’ Morrison



So for four years Little Dickie Morrison is a committee member of an association called the Kingston Town Club that ‘hosts annual racing function raising money for various charities each year’.

Funny that, I always believed that annual and each year meant the same thing, but that’s probably just Archie being grammatically pedantic.

Let’s be objectively serious instead, and ask a few hard questions.

What exactly is the Kingston Town Club – or what was it until about 12 months ago – other than a triple Cox Plate winning lotharian lad’s excuse to piss off the girls for the day and get on the fang and the grog with friends and old boys?

When was the Kingston Town Club actually registered as an association or charity?

Who apart from Little Dickie Morrison is on the club’s committee?

How does a fan of the mighty black TJ Smith trained flash join this club?

Where does one find a copy of its constitution?

They’re good questions aren’t they?

But here’s two sets of questions that are even better.

The first simply requires two yes/no answers:

What are the names of the charities that the Kingston Town Club donated thousands of dollars to each year from 2011-2015, and can the Club Treasurer – whoever he may be – show us the receipts?

The second calls for several, and includes a bit of background:

In the same year that Knight Frank – the company that Richard Morrison directed – was awarded a ‘competitively tendered’ and ‘independently’ assessed $150 000 contract to ‘market’ the sell off of long-owned Brisbane Racing Club land, how and why did the club:

(a) Find itself landed in tens of millions of dollars of hitherto unknown debt?

(b) Allow a Club Director’s company to hold the ‘marketing’ contract, and the Director to personally manage and perform the contracted tasks?

(c) Change Richard Morrison’s Director profile in the BRC annual report to the effect that it now asserted that he had raised more than $100 000 for various charities?


(d) Host a Kingston Town Club luncheon in the club’s rooms three months prior to it’s usual meeting on Cox Plate Day each year?

(e) Was it for the purpose of raising substantial funds that could be donated to charity in the same financial year that the BRC had awarded Morrison’s company a $150 000 contract?

(f) Did the BRC charge the Kingston Town Club (‘KRC’) a fee for the room hire for the event?

(g) If not, why not?

(h) Did the BRC issue an invoice to the Kingston Town Club for the cost of catering for the event, including but not exclusive to the cost of food, beverages and staff wages?

(i) If yes, were the invoice or invoices paid? And can you show us the receipts?

(j) if not, why not?

Call me crazy brave or call me stupid, particularly in light of the fact that Little Dickie has already flagged an intention to sue to try to shut me up, but I reckon that if something looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quack like a duck then the bookmakers will be setting the odds very short that it is a duck, or a beer drinking boys day on the booze born again for 150 000 good reasons as an unincorporated and unregistered fund-raising charity.