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Jim Rundle, the new State Government appointee to the Racing Queensland board is a racist.

An Islam-loathing, halal-boycotting extremist who associates with and supports right wing nut-jobs and kooks of the Cronulla riots variety.

The man is a disgrace, and is completely and utterly unfit to represent the racing industry on the statewide board that runs the code.

Doesn’t the fool understand that the biggest racing stables in Australia are owned by Muslims?

Do the names Darley and Godolphin mean nothing to him? You know, those horses that race in all blue and are usually trained by John O’Shea and ridden by James McDonald? The ones that win a whole bunch of the big races

Has he never heard of the Sheikhs? They’ve owned a few Melbourne Cup winners I believe.

What about Dato Chin Nam, Bart Cummings 50 year friend who owned Saintly, the ’96 Cox Plate and Cup winner?

Does anyone imagine that any of these high-profile owners will ever bring a horse from their super-sized stables to the Brisbane Winter Carnival again while this clown Rundle is in charge of the Queensland circus?


And what about the sponsors?

Do you imagine that Cadbury and Nestle will fall over themselves to sponsor races in Queensland when the bloke representing the code at the highest level is publicly advocating a boycott of their products?

Not on your life son.

And aren’t secondary boycotts illegal under Corporations Law anyway?


What about women?

Describing them as whores is not quite what I would call socially acceptable.

I wonder if Grace Grace appreciates the label? Or Annastacia? Or Michelle Payne?


Just take a look at the rubbish that this man Rundle posts on his Facebook page.

If this offensive tripe doesn’t cause huge insult to Australian racing’s Islamic community then I don’t know what would.

And by the way, isn’t vilification of folk based on their religion illegal?

Too right it is.



If all of this isn’t enough on its own, then just look at the organisations that Rundle’s republishing these highly offensive posts from.

Reclaim Australia for goodness sake.

The far, far-right wing nut jobs. The mob supported by Pauline Hanson.


Australians United Against Extreme Racism.

Extremists themselves. Nutters. Hate criminals.

How is this moron fit to hold any form of Government appointed office?

Simple answer – he’s not.

Annastacia Palaczszuk needs to act, and act immediately, for failing to do sends a clear message both to Queenslanders and to the racing world at large that the Premier condones the type of derogatory and highly offensive public statements and comments that Rundle has published on social media.

It’s just not on.

Jim Rundle must be sacked today.