The word we are getting back from the stables is that Brisbane Racing Club board member Richard ‘Little Dickie’ Morrison – outraged by the allegedly defamatory imputations he sees in our expose of his role in the Great Two Hatted $150 Grand Affair, and our more recent questioning of his claims relating to the Kingston Town Club and its charity fundraising – has been running around the course telling people that the money raised by the King Black Flash of the Cox Plate Club has been donated for years to the Riding For the Disabled Association (RDA).


The RDA is a sterling organisation that provides wonderful recreational and rehabilitative services to disable Queenslanders, and is patronised by one of my oldest friends the Mayor and his missus, both of whom suffer from the terrible ravages inflicted on the body and mind by primary progressive multiple sclerosis and have few outlets for enjoyment of the kind taken for granted by able bodied persons.

The Mayor and his missus love the RDA and so do I, and if only Little Dickie’s tale was less tall and more true it would warm my heart and immediately mean that I’d view him through much softer lens’d glasses. I’d almost even call him a good bloke instead of viewing him as a rascal, that’s how much his donations to RDA would mean to me.

But alas poor Dickie, I knew him well even though I never knew him at all, so I got hold of the Riding For the Disabled Queensland annual reports and financial statements for the past four years – 2013-2016 – and blow me down with a bloody feather they have only received $41 grand during that time that isn’t directly accounted for, and sadly just like the man I saw yesterday upon the stair who wasn’t there, the name ‘Kingston Town Club’ is nowhere to be found anywhere in any of the  various reports.

So where then did Dickie’s clubs donations go?  If he didn’t give them to the RDA, then who exactly did he give them to?

It remains a mystery.

Just as the workings of the Kingston Town Club (KTC) itself remain a mystery.

From the intelligence I was able to gather around the track on Saturday arvo at Doomben it appears that the KTC was formed in the late 80’s by a fella named John Fitzgerald (not to be confused with the trainer of the same name) – who at the time was an employee of the old Queensland Turf Club and later Racing Queensland – and his mates as a reaction to being denied membership of the prestigious and time-honored Bernborough Club (a club which I always thought was oddly named given that Bernborough had been banned from running outside of Toowoomba by the QTC for most of his racetrack career).

Apparently when Fitzgerald moved up to the red heart to run the Alice Springs racing club the KTC fell into disarray for a number of years before being revived by Chris Condon, the convivial host of the Queens Arms Hotel and major sponsor and supporter of racing, and the second coming of the club’s men’s only boozy lunches on a school day afternoon functions were held as the time-honored pub until being switched to the function room at Eagle Farm last year, a move some say was related to Little Dickie’s role in the Great Two Hatted $150 Grand Affair, although you’ll always find plenty of knockers on a race track wherever you go in the world.

The question remains though, and they include:

Is the Kingston Town Club registered anywhere as a charity, and if not is it acting in accord with the law when it sells raffle and other tickets, including those in sweeps Which charities (if any) is the KTC slinging their profits to Who are the mysterious committee members who sit alongside Little Dickie on the club’s board

I have two more to add to the mix.


The first is when exactly did Little Dickie Morrison become involved with the club, given that in the early 1980’s when the club was formed he was a little nipper who hadn’t even reached double digits in the age department, and that he didn’t become old enough to legally place a bet or knock down a beet until about 1994?

My second question is one not actually posed by me  by my daughter, the krypto-fascist feminist who at school and home alike is known by one and all as The Captain because that’s what she is; literally, figuratively and in practice (under our breath though the bride and I refer to her as Hitler, but not when she’s in earshot).


The Captain wants to know why the Kingston Town Club is so f*cking sexist (her exact words, not mine) that the c*nts (her words again) think in the 21st f*cking century (her again) it’s O-f*cking-K (I try to tell her that she’s the Captain, and is supposed to set an example to the kiddies at school, but she tells me to f*ck off) to hold boys only lunched and WTF (her again) do they classify a Gentleman as? Some stupid d*ckhead (yep, her) who thinks a woman’s place is in the kitchen or the f*cking (and again) fashions on the field getting wolf-whistled by misogynist aled-up arseholes (maybe my pleas to soften her language are finally being heard).

“Haven’t the troglodyte cave-dwelling c*nts heard of the f*cking Anti-Discrimination Act? And what the f*ck is the Brisbane Racing Club and f*cking Racing Queensland doing encouraging this blokey f*cking bullsh*t crap? Don’t the d*ckheads have a goddamn lawyer who can spell out the f*cking law on discrimination to the pr*cks? I suppose what the f*ck do you expect from a pack of primeval pr*cks who don’t even have a single f*cking woman on their board?”

Maybe she didn’t listen to my pleas after all.

But if you take all the foul-mouthed little off-the-scale genius’s profanities out it’s a damn good question isn’t it?

When the Supreme Court unlocks the closed membership shop for me and I get elected as a Director I’ll put it to Dickie and the board direct.

I doubt they’ll be willing to answer it right now, although I’m buggered if I can see why not.  After all, I’m sure no-one on the BRC has anything to hide.

And they’ll be racing at Eagle Farm next week.

But where did all the donations go Little Dickie, tell us where they went.