There are 2000 shares issued in the company Year of the Monkey Pty Ltd, the owner and operator of the TattsBetfairy.

Each share is worth $100.10 (one hundred dollars and ten cents)


The breakdown of share ownership in Year of the Monkey – and therefore in Bet Fairy – is as follows:

60 shares are owned jointly by Michael John Hiller and Michelle Maree Hiller



Michael Hiller, a Kevin Rudd lookalike, is the National Partner in Charge of Infrastructure, Government & Healthcare at KPMG.

KPMG have been intimately involved with both the Brisbane Racing Club and Racing Queensland during the past decade of decimation of the state’s racing industry, and handsomely remunerated for their wrecking ball role.

In June 2015 Hiller’s fellow KPMG partner Ian Hall was controversially appointed to the role of Acting Chief Executive Officer of Racing Queensland, and was paid nearly $20 000 per week during his scandal-dogged nine months in the role.

When Hall stepped aside as acting Chief Executive Officer he was replaced in the role by Samuel Adams.

94 Shares are owned by a company named 3C Industries Pty Ltd



3C Industies Pty Ltd is the parent company of a business trading as TripSafeAdvisor.

The owner of TripSafeAdvisor is a man named Tony Narbey.

At the time that the Racing Queensland/State Government Wagering Agreement with Tattsbet Ltd was negotiated and struck Tony Narbey was the Director of Infrastructure and Operations at the Department of Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games

120 shares are owned by a company named Van Veen Family Trading Pty Ltd



This is the family company of a couple named Alan and Renee Van Veen who live in a palatial 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom canal fronting home with its own private jetty in the exclusive suburb of Raby Bay that the couple purchased in 2008 for over $2.2 million.


Renee Van Veen owns and operates a company named Perfumed Jewelry, which as the name suggests markets and sells jewelry that emits pleasant smells.

I would venture to suggest that such jewelry may soon come in useful, as the odour emitting from Bet Fairy right now is anything but pleasing to the olfactory senses.

Alan Van Veen is the Managing Director of an unimaginatively named company named the Australian Grinding Company which – surprise, surprise – grinds and cuts concrete, and specialises in trip safety management.

The company holds a number of lucrative contracts with local and State governments in Queensland and NSW, although based on the exemplar of its work displayed on the company’s website it is reasonable to question why.


Alan Van Veen is a tennis enthusiast who plays social fixtures regularly, and is affectionately known to his team mates as “The Hammer”.

The Hammer is a close friend of both David Whimpey and Samuel Adams.


188 shares are owned jointly by Peter Gregory Ball and Tara Rachelle Ball (nee Farrell)


As revealed on this website yesterday Peter Ball is a partner at KMPG and leads the consultancy firm’s sports network.

His wife Tara is close to Kathryn Adams and Natalie Whimpey, the wives of Samuel and David respectively.


769 shares are owned by Kathryn Wendy Adams (nee Dent)


Kathryn Adams is the wife of Samuel ‘Sam’ Adams, a lawyer who has held the following positions over the past 8 years:

Director of the Brisbane Racing Club (2009-2014) Special Counsel (Commercial Property Development) – Clayton Utz (2009 – 2014) General Counsel and Head of Strategy – Racing Queensland (July 2014 – Nov 2015) Interim CEO – Racing Queensland (April 2016 – August 2016) Head of Corporate and Strategy – Racing Queensland (Nov 2015 – present)

Sam Adams was directly involved in negotiations for both the Eagle Farm track redevelopment and the Tattsbet exclusive Queensland Wagering Agreement.

769 shares are owned by Natalie Suellen Whimpey


Natalie Whimpey is married to David ‘Dave’ Whimpey, the Chief Executive Officer of the Brisbane Racing Club.

Sam Adams was one of the Brisbane Racing Club board members who selected Dave Whimpey as the successful candidate and appointed him to the CEO role.

Dave Whimpey is a former National Manager of Gaming for the Tatts Group, and worked as a Senior Adviser at KPMG.

We contacted Ubet yesterday to seek the full details of the company’s commission kickback arrangement with Bet Fairy but the geezer on the other end of the phone said all TattsBet affiliate contracts and arrangements are commercial in confidence and under no circumstances would they be released.

After that we called Racing Queensland and asked to speak to Senior Executive Samuel Adams, but they said he was no longer there.

Dave Whimpey won’t answer our questions, or even return our calls.

Bet Fairy don’t have a phone number.

The Oarsman who by use of a hook and a whole lot of crooks turned an inquiry into live baiting yappers into a blueprint for the restructure of the entire racing industry now bears the title of Alan MacSporran, Chairman of the CCC.

The Courier-Mail’s scored a multi-million dollar advertising deal out of the TattsBet Wagering Agreement and the journalist’s who’ve been saved from the dole queues don’t dare to say a word.

In a world full of darkness, bullsh*t, self-interest, deceit and lies, where’s a mug punter who loves racing and wants to save it from the spoilers supposed to turn to find some bastard with the balls to take on the bad guys and turn on the light?

The trenches, that’s where.

They’re in Geebung these days.