Cheers Vincence

I wasn’t actually after a reply to the last email though, thanks anyway. It was just a heads up so I could call the QRIC as a witness in my favor if Whimpy Dave in desperation did as Dave Whimpey does as a matter of course and tried to pull a swifty on me and nab the computer I rely on both to regulate my personal mental health and to keep my cancer-stricken lovely old Dad alive.

Tell you what though, have you been reading these stories about corruption in the racing industry that I’ve been writing and publishing? They’re red hot aren’t they? And do you know what, they are all bloody true! Any outfit with coercive investigative powers could get hold of the documents that I’ve been afforded a quick Captain Cook at and prove demonstrably how bloody spot on I actually am.

Hey, now that I think about it, QRIC has just the sort of powers that a regulatory outfit would need. And you’re tied up in the game of keeping racing straight and clean aren’t you? Goodness gracious isn’t this just bloody good luck that we’re talking? It’s like Manna from Heaven really.

Have a read of these stories on my website will ya Vincene, and when you’ve seen the obscene scene created by the BRC team I reckon you’ll  be falling off your chair and running to tell Commissioner Roscoe faster than Wayne Wilson could have said Lookie Lookie Her’s Cookie in his first ever Stradbroke call.

What these blokes are up to is just wrong isn’t it?  Why the hell do they want to wreck racing?

Your mob will save us though, it’s London to a Brick.

After all, at the end of day integrity’s all that really matters.

You can bet the house on that.