Just two Queensland horses have been named Champion Australian Racehorse of Year since 1969.

Without going for the doctor (Google), name them.

I’ll give you 5-2 about nailing the quinella.

There have also been two Queensland horses who have won the Golden Slipper.

Neither were named Champion of the Year.

Name them too.

I’ll give you 7-4 about landing this double.

Now it gets harder.

There is a horse running around Brisbane tracks presently that holds a track record at Randwick.

Who is it, and what distance does it hold the record at?

I’m betting 12-1 about you nailing this winner.

Last one.

Which horse has held the track record at Rosehill for the 900m distance for 34 years?

I will give you 33-1 and a clue.

It’s not Sir Dapper, but it raced against it in the 1983 Golden Slipper.c

All wildly speculative answers will be posted in the comments.

Remember, no cheating.