Dear Archie

I wanted you to know and not learn third hand that Fr Tom Treherne has passed away. I know this news may distress you so I want you to know that funding for your counselling continues if that was to assist at this time.

I do not know when the Diocese will inform people of Fr Treherne’s passing.

I am on leave but will be back in the office tomorrow. However, I will be able to check my emails after lunch today and will be writing to you further this week.

Kind regards




It doesn’t distress me in the slightest.

He was a weak-gutted piece of faux-priestly filth who knew children under his pastoral care were being sexually abused and simply turned his head and looked the other way and concealed the crimes that he without any doubt knew were being perpetrated against young teenage boys like me who looked to him as their school chaplain to save them from the nightmare wrought upon them.

Treherne’s action in abandoning kids like me and leaving us prey to pedophiles that he knowingly broke bread with each day in the St Paul’s School staff room was a repudiation both of his vows to God and of the fundamental tenets of the Christian religion.

It is abundantly clear that had Treherne acted properly as a priest, or as a registered teacher, or as a parent, or even as a half-decent human being and reported the abuses to the appropriate authorities – police, the education department, the teacher registration board, the St Paul’s School council, the parents and friends association, or the church – then the tenure of Gilbert Case as principal of the St Paul’s would have been terminated.

That means that the myriad of rapes and violent, vile abuses committed with Case’s full knowledge and acquiescence, and almost certainly to his titillation, by his best friend and long-time colleague Kevin Lynch – who let’s not forget Case created a job for when he left Grammar under a cloud, and through cronyism employed at the school – would not have occurred, and the lives of hundreds of innocent children and their families would not still be profoundly affected today.

There are twelve dead boys names on the inner circle of The Beginning of Peace, the beautiful garden that the current school headmaster Paul Browning – a man who hold and lives by true Christian values and is the antithesis of his forebear Case – commissioned to be built as act of contrition and atonement for the evils committed that he had no part in playing, but for which as a decent man and the now leader of the school he feels a moral responsibility to redress.

Not by compensation, not through lawyers, not by craven apologies or turning up to a Royal Commission and pretending that you didn’t remember anything unless it was in your personal interests to recall as the now rotting Treherne did, but by a simple deed and an earnest act. Just like Jesus did.

Twelve dead boys gathered in a stone circle Greg.


Gregory Robert Knight and Kevin John Lynch – two of the most vile pedophiles this State has ever known – killed them.

Thomas Treherne, by turning his back on pleas for help from boys like me and then threatening and punishing us so that we would speak no more about these men’s sins, was an accomplice to these heinous crimes. He should have died in jail, not in the arms of those left who loved him, if there were any at all.

Twelve dead boys.

My friends. My friend’s little brothers. Sons of good men and women who have become my friends, parents who cry every night for the sons they lost to evil who could find no way to escape their pain on this earth and so chose to end their lives in the hope of finding heavenly peace.

But for the Grace of God and a lot of good luck one of them could very well have been me.

Twelve dead boys Greg.


Have you been out to visit them in the garden and pay your respects?

Have you been out to see their families on behalf of the church you represent and got down on your knees and begged their forgiveness?

Do you even f*cking know their names?

The family of Thomas Treherne have my deepest sympathy for their loss and I offer them my prayers during their time of mourning.

Since I confronted the abuse of my past though I’ve made a commitment to myself to lay out my past for all to see and to be honest about everything; the, now and into the future.

So here’s the truth. Treherne was a scumbag and a piece of sh*t who should have been strangled with the collar he so hypocritically sported and stabbed in the heart with the crucifixes he paraded on his lapel. The only distress I will be feeling is if he’s burning harder than a bush fire in hell and feeling the pain of every single flame.

Don’t worry about paying for counselling. Just whack some money on the bar and I’ll call up the surviving victims and their families and we can all get together and have a party.

If the church allows that criminal to be buried in hallowed ground then the Archbishop may as well go out to St Paul’s and piss on the 12 dead boy’s memorial plaques, and then head out to the scattered cemeteries and piss too on their graves.

I have no doubt however that the child abuse protectors and deniers in charge of the deeply corrupt and rapidly crumbling Anglican facade once believed to be a place of God will conceal Treherne’s crimes to the very end, just as it once did for the demon named Kevin Lynch, and that he will be buried with full church rites.

Just as I have no doubt that millstones will be cast around all your necks as he is lowered into the ground, and that in time you will all see him where he goes.



You fundamentally misunderstand me Greg.

It is not anger. Not at all. I am simply telling the truth about Treherne and the consequences of his appalling conduct and neglect.

As I said, there are 12 dead young men’s names on plaques at St Paul’s and they are there in part because Treherne did not act to report sexual abuse that he knew was perpetrated against me and other young boys at the school in the early 1980’s.

The church can split hairs as much as it likes and claim that Treherne was never found guilty of in relation to his gross neglect of his duties both as teacher and as a priest, or that he never made any admissions. But we both know that’s because no-one ever admits to covering-up pedophilia unless they are caught red-handed and have no alternative, and that there was no relevant criminal offence in the statutes that he could easily have been charged with and convicted of for acts committed in 1983.

But we also both know that I told you and the police about the disclosures I made to Treherne as my school priest – let’s not forget that I was an altar boy who arrived at school by 7.30 every morning so that I could serve at the optional before school communion services – and that he essentially battered me into silence by colluding with the Headmaster Gilbert Case to threaten withdrawal of my academic scholarship if I didn’t.

You and I also know too that the evidence he later gave at the Royal Commission during his public examination about the cover-up of abuses of other boys confirmed clearly that everything I had told you and the police was absolutely and utterly true.

So let’s not carry on about poor old Father Tom the who lived a free man’s life sheltered in the bosom of the church until was in his 80’s. Let’s focus our sympathy instead on the victims of the criminal abuses committed at the school over the course of nearly two decades, dead or alive, and concentrate on providing counselling and professional medical services to they and their affected families for as long as they require it – a lifetime if necessary –  to treat their grief and trauma, and help abate their pain.

On a personal level the church agreeing to pay the costs of my wife’s further treatment that she requires and is not receiving because of the expenses – and not tying it to my agreement (or as in the case, non-agreement) to cooperate with the Church’s internal processes of investigating the actions of pedophile protectors that the Brisbane Diocese has known of for 20 years and done nothing about, other than to promote the offenders to more senior roles in the church – would be a damn good place to start.

You never did answer the questions I asked, so I will ask them again. Don’t excuse the profanities, for their use is quite deliberate. After all being f*cked by adults who were supposed to protect them is why the subjects of my questions are lying cold and dead in the ground.

Have you been out to visit them in the garden and pay your respects?

Have you been out to see their families on behalf of the church you represent and got down on your knees and begged their forgiveness?

Do you even f*cking know their names?

I look forward to your response.