Archie outstayed Dr Dawson? That’s a bit Crisp of you isn’t it son?

1. What’s the real story about Slippery Sam Adams’ departure from Racing Queensland?

2. Is Slippery really having difficulties finding another executive position to launch his next rort from because every time a prospective employer Googles his name the results page fills with stories from this website and everyone thinks/knows he is a crook?

3. Why is trainer David Van Dyke telling the media that Yankee Rose is still in work when everyone working out of Caloundra knows that the mare has broken down?

4. Why is no-one in the racing media asking the hard questions about the mare’s lack of soundness, and quizzing David Van Dyke about whether his unlawful use of the anti-inflammatory Ketorolac contributed to what will certainly be his star stable runner’s retirement from racing?

5. How did a drug cheat win Queensland Horse of the Year?

6. An even bigger question is how did a mare who has never started in Queensland in her life qualify to win the Horse of the Year award?

7. What sort of message does it send to owners and trainers who actually race their horses in the State?

8. Why is there so much inconsistency in the decisions being handed down and the suspensions or bans beings issued by Racing Queensland and QCAT to greyhound trainers embroiled in the live baiting affair?

9. How on earth can it be lawful to find trainers guilty of an offence when the sole evidence that their convictions are based upon is an unlawfully obtained video recording made by unauthorised, unlicenced  trespassers?

10. Have any of racing authorities or QCAT members ever read the High Court’s ruling on the admissibility of unlawfully obtained recordings from devices planted without authority and by trespass?  They should have because its what saved the corrupt judge Angelo Vasta from going to jail for attempting to bribe a taxation official, and is the precedent authority for the live baiting cases. You can find it by clicking here

11. How much egg is going to be on Racing Queensland and the State Government’s faces when all the live baiting convictions get overturned on appeal, and what the hell are they going to do then?

12. Why has Racing Queensland sent Clip Clop Kev’s long time office manager Margaret Reynolds to Canada for a TROTTING conference when you can count the number of square-gaiters races held in Queensland each week on one hand?

13. Can anyone at the BRC explain why the bulk of ‘likes’, positive ratings and glowing comments on the club’s website have been made by friends and families of Marketing Manager Katie Churchill?

14. What on earth is the Racing Integrity Commission doing by sitting on its hands while the whole racing  industry is talking about the exposures of alleged serious corruption within both Racing Queensland and the BRC? What is Ross Barnett doing? Why do we have a Racing Commission at all if it is not going to launch investigation into allegation that if proven might well send the corrupt officials to prison?This is one we seem to ask every week but we will ask it again, and again, and again until we get some answers.

15. Does BRC Committee Member David Dawson really believe that he has outstayed Archie Butterfly like he’s been telling people? Does his hubris and arrogance really blind him so badly that he can’t see that the field in the race to clean up racing hasn’t even left the turn out of the back straight yet?

16. What’s the connection between the Ningi/Caboolture area where David Dawson and Neville Bell live, the South Pacific Sands Quarry, and a certain housing and marina development in the area?

17. Now that Wayne Innes has been charged with even more offences – this time involving the crooked Paul Pisasale and contracts in Ipswich – will the Racing Integrity Commission or the CCC begin an investigation into exactly how he was able to obtain massive contracts with the BRC that were of a size that required sign off by management a whole lot higher up the chain that his co-accused Bill Shuck?

18. How is there not a clear and blindingly obvious conflict of interest between Feathers Fowler’s role as an employee of 4 TAB and the BRC, and his private role as Chairman of the Albion Park Harness Racing Club given that his employer is the major revenue source for that club?

19. Exactly which BRC Directors and Executives have purchased units off the plan at Ascot Green?

20. How much did they pay?

21. Which company or bank has arranged the finance and mortgage for their purchase?

22. What are the repayment terms?

23. And why on earth were employees who are not actually members of the club given exclusive rights to purchase properties built on crown land when they do not own or have any proprietary interest in the said land? Does the BRC really believe that such an arrangement is kosher? What do the members think?

24. Why were 45 new members friendly to the BRC stacked into the club at the last minute before the AGM and critics of certain activities of the club like Archie Butterfly left out?

25. Why has there not been a memorial  built at the Eagle Farm track to honor the memory of the workers who lost their lives during the construction phase of the redevelopment?

26. Do the BRC and the Townsville club intend to take legal action seeking damages against Evergreen Turf, the company that f*cked up the construction of the course propers at both Cluden Park and Eagle Farm? If not, why not? The losses to both clubs have been enormous and members deserve to be compensated by the company responsible.

27. How good looking are all the bar staff at Gallopers? How efficient and friendly are they? And does the young tall artist from Bundy behind the beer taps who hold’s my wife’s old position in the University Student Guild really bat for the other side? These of course are rhetorical questions, for everyone knows the answers are extremely, absolutely, and get off the grass. Oh sh*t we don’t have any at the Farm anymore do we?

28. Is Archie the only racegoer who thinks that the vertical flower display on your right as you enter through the front gates looks like a funeral display?

29. Which idiot ordered all those flat screen TV’s that are far too small for their purpose?

30. With whom exactly does Slippery Sam and Whimpey Dave’s wives other company Rebet Pty Ltd rebet with?

31. Can anyone assure punters and members that investments made on the on-course totes are not being funneled through either Rebet or Bet Fairy to attract commissions for those two companies owners?

32. Is Peter Ball from KPMG a lunatic? Why does he have shares in both companies that he holds in his own name?

33. And given KPMG’s sporting division’s commercial relationship with Tatts, the State Government and the BRC is not a major conflict of interest that creates a potential for corruption?

34. What ever happened to Little Dickie Morrison’s bully boy threats to sue Archie Butterfly for defamation relation to the allegations made on this site about the impropriety of his $150 000 fee for flogging off land owned by the club to which he owes a fiduciary duty as Director? Is Little Dickie afraid of what we might find out during the court discovery process if he follows through with his threats? Or does he just have shrunken balls?

35. Why are very senior businessmen and investors running a mile from Steve Wilson and Grace Grace and putting as much distance between their companies and the pair as possible?

36. What’s the real link between Gee Gee, Whirlwind and a number of industry super funds, and where are those particular funds investing large chunks of their clients money?

37. Is anyone silly enough to believe that Archie asks questions without knowing the answers already before he opens his mouth?

38. Is it a good use of the marketing funds paid to RQ from Tatts under the wagering agreement to spend them on paid advertorials posing as stories about a junior harness racing drivers championship when there are only 31 registered drivers and less than 10 of them are juniors?

39. Why has BRC Chairman Neville Bell summonsed a leading racing media identity to an 8am sharp meeting and the Coffee Club to discuss strategies for neutralising the damaging revelations of wholesale corruption, nest feathering and mismanagement made on this website over the past fortnight?

40 Was Grace Grace really one of Archie Butterfly’s personal and professional referees when he went to New Zealand to work for Labor in the shaky isles in the early 2000’s?

41. Which well-known and much loved racegoer and Arnott’s fan turns the big 80 today?

Happy Birthday son! And may you see plenty more!

With the plebiscite on same sex marriage fast approaching it’s timely that we take a look at the achievements of some of the many gay men and women in the racing industry, so on Monday we’ll kick off a week long series with a look at some of the flamboyant characters of the betting ring in Queensland and Australia, and then each day we will focus on different spheres within the industry where our brothers and sisters who deserve equality have shone.

I’ve dubbed the series ‘The Turn Out of The Straight – The Gay and Lesbians Legends of the Turf Who’ve Made Racing Great’ and I hope both that you enjoy it and that it might encourage you all to give our mates in racing a fair go and and the same rights as the rest of us. After all we’re all equal above and below the turf and ain’t that the truth.

Have a great weekend on the punt sportsfans.

See you at Doomben tomorrow.

Not in the members though. Bloody Whimpy Dave and Nifty Nev won’t let me in!