As hard as it is to believe this is the NZ Labor leader and prospective Prime Minister Jacinda Arden pictured half an hour ago at her home watching the vote count on TV. There’s no flash party for Jacinda, just a dressing gown, PJ’s, uggies and a sausage sizzle for the media representatives who are in the back yard having a few beers.


Will Arden be in the big seat at the Beehive on Monday?

On the current primary count you wouldn’t think so – the early votes are running 46-36 against her, with the Greens (a certain Labor coalition party) pulling 6% – but the joker in the pack is NZ First, the cult of personality of the suavest guy in politics Winston Peters, who had had more political lives than a cat and is pulling about 7%, which under the vagaries of the Kiwi’s excellent electoral MMP system means whichever way he jumps will decide the government.

Who knows, Peters -a bloke in his 70’s who the missus would leave me in a heartbeat for, as would have the wives in New Zealand – might even demand the PM’s job himself as the price of his support. Anything’s possible.

Well, anything but one. You’ll never catch Winston Peters in his PJ’s and a pair of uggies.

Ya just have to love the Kiwi’s don’t ya?