The image above is the plan for the Yatala track that Clip Clop Kev submitted to the Gold Coast City Council.

The area where the proposed drainage channel is located is part of the rezoned and now joined separate parcels of land, but as you can see in the plans Clip Clop has signaled no intent to build anything on it.

I guess that application must be coming later – probably after RQ stump up the infrastructure dough to allow Kev to get the whole thing happening – because our favorite trotting man has plans for the site alright.

After all, Kev doesn’t believe in potentially productive land that he owns sitting idle. Just ask him he’ll tell you.

If he won’t though I will.

Here are the plans, brought to you live and exclusive by the proprietors and mug punters of the Geebung Polo Club.

As my old punting mate from gun country would say, Yeah Good Kevin.