Whimpey Dave and Nifty Nev Bell have increased the membership of the Brisbane Racing Club by 7.3%!

‘Isn’t that just fantastic? Aren’t they great administrators?

No actually it isn’t, and they’re not.

The number of members aged 30 and over has decreased by 76, or 3.5%.

The number of members aged 18-29 has dropped by 112, or 45%, and now numbers a miserable grand total of 135.

So much for the future of racing you might be thinking, bit don’t despair for their are huge rays of hope on the horizon and little big lights at the end of the tunnel.


The three grand a year corporate member numbers have grown by a massive 48%. There are now 44 of the special sportsfans sucking on $600 more worth of oysters and prawns than their membership fees costs, and that can only be a good thing for the club, the trawler fisherman and the Queensland economy.

Well maybe not the club.

Losing money on a deal is never really quite the path to business glory.

Never fear though, because the next generation is on its way. The little tackers may not be able to read or write yet – most of them can’t even speak or walk – but they love the thoroughbred, just like Whimpey Dave does.

The kiddies club – Giddy Up! – membership has exploded, increasing by 351 in the space of a single year, accounting for the entire 7.6 percent increase in membership and more. How brilliant a membership marketing strategy was that?


All cute Katie Churchill and her crew needed to do was to stand next to the spotted replica horse next to the gate, offer parents free entry to 4 race meetings a year valued at minimum of $120, throw in a yo-yo, a badge, a lanyard, a certificate, a birthday card, free popcorn for Africa, a special individual ice-cream cake on the kiddies birthday, and invites to a special superheroes marquee and Bob’s your bloody uncle and Luck George is your mate and whooshka, for an all-up expenditure by the club of about $200 bucks a head in return for a $20 one-off fee the BRC membership goes through the roof and cute Katie, Whimpey Dave and the crew tick off their KPI targets and cop a performance super healthy bonus on top of their already super-sized salary.


Archie Butterfly need not apply

Everyone’s winner. Except of course for the members who have just subbed the new Giddy Up Cuddlies nappy wearer and their parents 10 times the price of their membership fee, but who’s complaining? After all. its all about bringing new punters to the track, even it will be 16 years before they can legally place a bet.

How good is that sporstfans?

Almost as good as the hundred my mate In Like just won off Feathers I reckon.

Giddy up!