The 10km radius surrounding the Stapylton community is an example within the southern corridor of Brisbane showing strong potential to engage with harness (43%) / greyhound (50%) racing – Racing Queensland Infrastructure Plan (above)


Total and utter bullsh*t.

1. Stapylton is not within the southern corridor of Brisbane, it’s in the Gold Coast council area and Logan City is located in between.

2. The Stapylton community comprises exactly 445 people.

3. A radius is the distance from the middle of a trotting track to the edge of the outer circle, not a demographic group of potential trot or dog racing fans.

4. According to the Roy Morgan Helix Personas research that this absolute attempted con job by Racing Queensland is based upon, only 3.2% of Australians bet on a greyhound race in the last year. It is therefore impossible that 50% of people within 10k’s of Stapylton want to go to the dogs, unless they are the only ones in Queensland who are betting on the yappers.


5. The Roy Morgan Helix Personas research excludes harness trots, whatever they are – read it again – so the numbers RQ have produced on potential engagement with harness racing are simply imaginary, and a crock of utter crap.


6. There are only 31 harness racing drivers in the whole of Queensland, and less than 500 licensed people in the entire industry. By contrast there are about 4 million people in the state, and roughly a million of them live in the Ipswich/Logan/Gold Coast region. What are the chances of 500 magically turning into half a million if Racing Queensland build a track in the middle of a cane farm in the middle of nowhere?




7. The extensive research is based on a crookedly selective cut from the Roy Morgan Helix Personas database which as stated does not include harness racing research – harness trots as the cold callers call it – and a survey of 400 people, nine-tenths of whom just so happen to live to the south and west of Brisbane.



8. The Infrastructure Plan is not a plan at all, it is simply a summary of a plan. We have attempted to obtain a full copy of the plan – if there really is such a thing – but to date have had absolutely no success, which is not at all surprising given our doubts about such a document actually existing at all.


9. What Racing Queensland aren’t telling you is that the whole grand harness racing relocation scheme is based upon the sale of Albion Park, or that the whole thing will fall down if Clip Clop Kev doesn’t drop his strategic Supreme Court action against them.

10. The less than 2% of people within a 10km radius of Albion Park is well above the average number of  150 sportsfans who actually attend a dog or trot meeting in Queensland in any given week.



11. We all have potential to do something. I have the potential to root Miranda Kerr, and if the stars were to align correctly I just might. But the odds are long, almost as long as the Racing Queensland faux engagement figures ever coming to fruition.

12, Did I ever mention that Racing Queensland want to sell Albion Park?