This document is the flood risk assessment for the proposed Yatala Harness Racing Club track at Alberton that was submitted to the Gold Coast City Council by the Clip Clop Kevin and Kay Seymour owned Seymour Group as part of their development application for the rezoning of a cane farm into a harness racing circuit.

Note the degree of hazard identified by Clip Clop’s own engineers.

Now look at this below – it is also part of the assessment lodged by Clip Clop’s engineers.


Babies, kids and the elderly have a fair chance of drowning if the heavens open during a race meeting at the Alberton track.

Lovely isn’t it?

But it’s bullsh*t.

The risk is not medium at all. It is extreme.

At this point I should tell you that I know a more than a little somewhat about floods and flood risk management.

It’s a topic dear to my heart because my good mate John Tyson’s wife and son died in a flood, and their deaths were preventable, although the general public doesn’t know that because a systematic conspiracy to avoid liability for massive state liability for compensation, protect senior police officers, and try to win an election on the back of being a flood hero – we are talking Anna Bligh here – has meant that the real story about Donna and Jordan Rice’s deaths has never been allowed to be told, except on this site.

Back to the Alberton harness racing track.


The document I am quoting from is the Flood Evacuation Plan for the site, or is supposed to be anyway, but unfortunately whilst its authors expound at some lengths about the so-called measures Clip Clop has taken to get punters, drivers, owner and trainers the f*ck out of the site if a torrent hits, the Flood Evacuation Plan doesn’t actually provide a flood evacuation plan, only a pretty picture of a walkway that doesn’t exist.


The image of this imaginary bridge over troubled waters is on the first page of the flood evacuation plan that isn’t, and sets the tone for the rest of the potentially fatal f*cking bullshit that follows in the ‘plan’.

Here’s the actual facts.

The proposed ‘Metropolitan’ harness racing club is built next to a river that any indigenous Australian will tell you has been flooding for millions of years, and the real flood levels are not 0.6 – 0.8 meters as claimed, they are in fact three and a half to four and a half meters.


This below is the extent of the ‘flood evacuation plan’ submitted by Clip Clop’s mob and accepted by the Gold Coast City Council.

It’s absolute f*cking genius isn’t it?


Ever read the poem ‘Not Waving But Drowning’?

Probably not,.

If you go to the trots at Alberton when it’s raining – not that you ever will, because they are going to call the Thursday and Friday arvo events off the minute a drop falls – then you probably never will, not unless you are wearing a life jacket anyway.

Age shall not weary us.

It shall just make us old, and out of touch.

Clip clop, clip clop …..