1. Has the General Manager of the Brisbane Turf Club owned and operated Gallopers Club Scott Steele really traveled to the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas?

2. Who is Scott Steele traveling with?

3. And who is footing the bill?

4 Did the Directors of the Brisbane Racing Club really hold an emergency meeting yesterday out of sight at the Acacia Ridge club they recently took over?

5. What were they discussing?

6. Which company with links to the Malaya Racing Association provided the wrong sand for the disastrous Eagle Farm course proper?

7. Is the company really located just down the road from the homes of Brisbane Racing Club Chairman Neville Bell and Director David Dawson?

8. Which company supplied the inferior grade gravel for the track’s base?

9. And which company supplied the bark?

10. Was that company the real supplier, or was it just part of an elaborate ruse designed to conceal the true identity of the supplier?

11. What was the tender process for the supply of the sand, bark and gravel?

12. And how was the successful tender determined?

13. Which company supplies sand, gravel and bark to BRC Chairman Neville Bell’s Kilto Park property?

14. Which company supplied the 21 tonnes of fertiliser that was dumped on the track in April that burned the surface of the course and ruined the winter carnival?

15. What was the tender process used to obtain the 21 tonnes of nitrogen rich fertiliser?

16. Did little Dickie Morrison and a senior Executive of the BRC really travel to India at the club’s expense last year?

17. Why?

18. Why has the link between Gallus Partners, the private investment bank run by BRC Director John Shepherd, and the ASF consortium that made the faux bid for a casino licence at the Southport Spit not been openly declared by either Shepherd or the BRC board of directors?

19. What is the real relationship between Gallus Partners and Hong Kong Tony Fung’s company Aquis, a major backer of the AFS consortium?

20. Given the ever-increasing financial relationship between the BRC and Aquis Farm – the former Nathan Tinkler owned Patinack Farm – why has the Gallus/Hong Kong Tony relationship not been openly declared?

21. What is the real relationship between Gallus Partners, Tinkler, Hong Kong Tony and Michael King, the fraudster who ran the failed MFS Investment Management Ltd company and was recently banned from managing companies for 5 years and ordered to pay $177 million to the investors he ripped off?

22. Why does the BRC have any relationship at all with Aquis when Michael King is employed as a consultant to the company?

23. Why does the Gold Coast Turf Club?

24. Given King’s involvement with Aquis, and the fact that Hong Kong Tony withdrew his bid for the second Cairns casino licence rather than face an integrity probe, why has the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission not initiated an investigation into the company’s bona fides, and that of Hong Kong Tony and his son the known Colombian Marching Powder aficionado Justin?

25. Why is the Racing Integrity Commission continuing to sit on its hands and failing to investigate the serious allegations of corruption against BRC Chief Executive David Whimpey and former Racing Queensland acting chief Sam Adams that have been detailed on this site and backed with documentary evidence?

26. What is the relationship between the BRC  and a Singapore based company named the Thakral  Corporation?

27. What role does former Thakral Corporation executive and current BRC General Manager of Property and Assets Jeff Kahler play in that relationship?

28. Does Nifty Neville Bell really own an apartment in an exclusive Watpac or Seymour Group developed complex on the Brisbane River?

29. Was Thakral Corporation involved in the development as the financier?

30. What is the relationship between the Queensland Treasury Corporation (QTC) that manages the Racing Infrastructure Fund, the BRC that has borrowed $12 million from it, the Chairperson of the QTC Gerard Bradley, a company named Pinnacle Investment Group Ltd, two others named Hyperion Asset Management and Flagship Investments, Racing Minister Grace Grace, Racing Queensland Chairman Steve Wilson, a company named Blue Sky Alternative Investments, and its Managing Director and Racing Queensland board member Mark Sowerby?

31. Where do three Singapore based companies named United Engineers Ltd, WBL Corporation Ltd, and Wearnes fit into the picture?

32. Where does Echo Entertainment?

33. Does BRC Director Steve Gagel really think he has escaped a bullet?

34. Or has Archie simply been keeping his powder dry and not fired it?

35. Do the BRC Directors mistakenly believe that a company named Calibre Consulting has escaped Archie’s attention?

36. What exactly is the role of Calibre Consulting in this whole sordid saga?

37. Where does Whimpey Dave’s mate who runs the American themed restaurants on the Gold Coast fit into the catering picture?

38. After all that has been written on this website over the past 6 weeks does anyone still believe that Archie asks questions without first knowing the answer?

39. Does anyone at Racing Queensland believe that they are not next?

40. What’s the colour of a two cent piece?

Copper. Copper.