The annual reports of both the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission and Racing Queensland have been released late this afternoon and we will be analysing them over the weekend and publishing a series of articles over the next week with the results of our findings.

No doubt they will be markedly different to the stories Nathan Exelby will write for the Courier-Mail, because we actually read the whole reports rather than just base our stories on the PR spin press releases issued by the organisations.

We’re off to an absolute cracking start already , even though we are only up to page the 3 of the Racing Integrity Commission report. This page details the year’s highlights, and here is one of them.


Wow! Increasing the testing rate of winning greyhounds from a third to 100%. That’s impressive.

But hold the phone, because Houston we have a problem.

The Racing Queensland report tells us that there were 5 566 greyhound races run in the past year covered by the QRIC report.


This of course means that not allowing for any dead heats or abandoned races there were 5 566 winners. There may be slight more, and there could be a little less , but 5 566 will be very close to the correct mark.

How good is your maths?

Mine’s pretty fair, so I know that if you increase the testing rate from 33% to 100% you are therefore increasing it by 67%.

If you are testing an additional 67% of 5 566 winners, you are testing an extra 3 729 greyhounds.

Now I don’t know what the sample number quoted by QRIC of ‘almost 19 400’ is, but let’s take it at its absolute highest and call it 19 400.

So the number of dogs tested increased from 17 466 to 19 400.

That means that an extra 1 934 greyhounds were swabbed in the 2016/17 year.

But the Racing Integrity Commission has declared in its annual report that 67% more winners were tested and as we’ve just seen above that number has to 3 729.

1 934 is not 3 729, and if you think it is can I borrow $3 729 bucks off you to throw on Houtzen tonight and I will pay you back immediately.

The Racing Integrity Commission has jumped from the barriers in their Annual Report by telling punters a blatant porkie pie.

It’s all about integrity isn’t it sportsfans?

Except when it’s not.