A recording device illegally placed on private property by trespassers captures images of one live piglet and a possum being tied to a mechanical lure at an unregistered training track and chased by greyhounds that are presumably being ‘blooded’ so they will chase the replica hare used on the lure in licenced greyhound racing.

Against all the tenets and precedents of 500 years of the common law this illegally obtained recording is admitted into evidence and scores of working class men and women whose only ‘crime’ was allegedly being present at the track at the time are warned off all greyhound courses, stripped of their training and handling licences and with it their livelihoods, and banned from the industry for periods ranging from a month to the rest of their lives.

A Queensland Racing Integrity Commission is formed at a cost of $28 million a year.

It’s core mission is to safeguard the welfare of all racing animals.

In its first year of operation the Commission murdered 101 greyhounds.


Page 28, Queensland Racing Integrity Commission Annual Report 2016/17

Three-quarters of the innocent dogs are killed because they have an ‘extreme prey drive’, which is no surprise because for thousands of years – since the time of Cleopatra and the pyramids – they have been bred to chase. So of course they have a prey drive, its in the dogs DNA they can’t bloody help it.

At least ten percent of the greyhounds have been slain because they suffer from extreme fear and anxiety.


Can you blame the poor bloody dogs for suffering from fear and anxiety?

Knowing what we now know – that the people charged with protecting their welfare are in fact dog killers – if I was a greyhound I’d be f*cking sh*t scared of the Racing Integrity people too.

There is something very, very wrong with this picture isn’t there? Real wrong.

We all wait with bated breath for the outraged response from Animal Lib.