Remember the sudden spike in Director and Management spending on booze and junkets after Nifty Nev Bell became the Chairman of the Brisbane Racing Club?

Here’s where some of it was spent.

The bloke below’s name is Matt Rafton. He used to work behind the bar at the Caboolture Sports Club that Nifty Nev set up so he could amalgamate a bunch of disparate sporting clubs, move them into a single site and turn their old grounds into a residential property development (sound familiar?)

Over the course of almost a decade young Matt worked his way up from the cellar to the bar and through the servery into the role of Assistant Manager of the Caboolture Club and was happily dishing them off the arm and doing the rosters at the same time when tremendous good fortune struck.

Nifty Nev scored the Chairman’s role at the Brisbane Racing Club and suddenly it was like the young bloke had won Lotto, because in what I’m absolutely certain was an act free of any traces of nepotism or looking after young mates Nifty lifted the bright young up and out of the bar and straight into an executive role at the BRC as the General Manager of Marketing, salary circa $100k plus.


The young fella must have selected the winning Powerball number too, because he landed in an office right next to the Cute Katie, then the General Manager of Sales, and what red-blooded twenty-something lad wouldn’t be happy about that, other of course than Mr Cute Katie, but I don’t think he has too much to worry about because his beloved bride is clearly smitten.

He must go alright that Mr Cute Katie because it’s him first, daylight second despite his carrying the huge handicap of being a rabid Bombers supporter, which if the footy equivalent of using the martingale system to back Ouroene.

Young Mr Rafton won Lotto again after he started work at the BRC, this time in a syndicate with Cute Katie – who less than 6 months before had been promoted to the General Manager of Sales role – because after only ten months in the job he and she landed the big one, an all expenses paid trip to Royal Ascot for the St Leger carnival.


‘Why on earth in the internet age two PYT’s with university degrees in business marketing would need to travel to the Queen’s private racecourse to learn about sales and marketing is an unfathomable mystery, but you can’t blame either of them for grabbing the opportunity with both hands, because only a mug would turn it down.

You can blame Nifty Nev and Whimpey Dave though, because they approved the gross misuse of BRC members funds for the purpose, and then snuck a report on the trip into the 2013/2014 annual report.


What’s wrong with that you ask?

The 2013/14 annual report covers the period up to and including 30 June 2014.

The 2014 St Leger carnival was held in September 2014, three months into the next financial year.

It was a pretty handy way to mask the real spend on the unnecessary overseas sojourn for the golden kiddies, and at the same time lead the BRC members to believe by inference that the money wasn’t spent on a swish as junket to Singapore for a few of the Directors and their business mates wasn’t it?


The 2014 booze and junket spend (above) that didn’t include Cute Katie and Young Matt’s visit to England to see the Queen, and the 2015 spend (below) that did. The middle column is their travel expenses. Spot the difference?


Guess what though sportsfans?

Nifty Nev and Whimpey Dave were playing a double blind.’


The 2013/14 figures didn’t include the cost of Nifty, his missus Mary, Little Dickie Morrison and his Knight Frank mate or anyone else in the BRC party’s junket to Singapore either, even though the annual report led punters to believe that it was.

It couldn’t have, because the Brisbane Racing Club Trophy race that the club paid for the Chairman, his deputy, Mrs Chairman and who knows who else to attend so that they could hold a pretty purple sash and smile for the camera wasn’t run until the 20th of July, 3 weeks into the next financial year.


Gee I wonder why they wanted the good folk who buy members badges to think that the costs were recorded in the 2013/14 year?

You’d never be able to guess would you sportsfans?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ………………………