Next time you are using your legislated coercive powers to interview Wayne Innes/Solomon,  the deeply corrupt and twice jailed former major earth moving contractor to the Brisbane Racing Club, it might pay to ask him a few questions about the work his boys performed on the driveway of BRC Chief Executive Officer Whimpey Dave.

Don’t just believe the dodgy invoices and receipts that he will no doubt produce, ask him to show you bank records proving the payments listed on the red hot pieces of paper he hands you.

While you’re at it ask Whimpey Dave for his bank records that prove the payments as well, and perhaps interview the staff who were working for Wayne Innes at the time too.

Remember a while back readers when I published a story suggesting that Bill Shuck – Innes co-accused in the great rock and roll Eagle Farm earth moving contract rip off – wasn’t high enough up the chain to authorise the level of contracts that Wayne Innes was awarded in the most dubious of circumstances by the BRC?

Well I wasn’t just whistling Dixie.

Don’t you worry about that.