The ‘statistics’ above are contained at page 4 of the Racing Queensland Annual Report 2016/17 that was released yesterday.

They are the greatest load of codswallop ever published any time, any where.

How on earth could the current harness racing industry industry generate $66.5 million for regional economies? How could it provide 561 jobs?

There are just 5 harness racing clubs in the whole of Queensland listed on the Racing Queensland website – there are in fact 6 in reality, but for some reason the Gold Coast club is not mentioned – and the five are:

  • Marburg – races once a month and staffed by volunteers
  • Brisbane Show – races one week a year, no FT harness racing employees
  • Darling Downs – doesn’t race
  • Redcliffe – races weekly, only a handful of FT employees
  • Albion Park – races weekly, bugger all FT employees

The only two clubs that race regularly are Redcliffe and Albion Park, and neither are located in regional areas.

There are 487 licensed harness racing industry participants.

Less than 100 of them work full-time in harness racing.


There are 13 standard bred studs.

Just 4 of them operate on a fully commercial basis, and none employ more than 20 staff.

So where exactly do the 561 full-time equivalent regional harness racing jobs come from? Where is the $66.5 million that is supposedly injected into the regional Queensland economy by harness racing?

Nowhere, that’s where.

Blacks a Fake.

But Racing Queensland is a bigger one.