The diagram above shows the shareholdings of the Brisbane Bombers, a breakaway from the Bronco’s NRL consortium that hoped to scheme themselves into an NRL expansion franchise so that the shareholders could all get rich.

They failed – or have so far; they are now attempting to get hold of the Titans licence –  but the people involved are interesting

One of them was of course our old mate The Poo, Waynie ‘Poo’ Innes or Solomon or whatever it is he calls himself these days other than jail bound (again).

Lisa Solomon Innes is his ever-loving bride and I reckon it’s London to a Brick that she is fronting the 5% share on his behalf, because since his arrest in June for allegedly pulling contract fiddles with Bad Bill Shuck The Poo has been untouchable from a ‘wanna win a footy franchise’ perspective, and his pariah status has become even worse since his arrest last month on Paul Pisasale related charges.


Which makes it all the more interesting that until recently The Poo was a Director of the prospective NRL licence holder the Brisbane Bombers, which is pretty much akin to having Peter Foster as your CEO except Foster plays a lot higher stakes game and is a whole bunch smarter than the poor old Poo. He gets a lot of bad press old Pete but he’s actually a good bloke, or at least that’s what the fellas who’ve served or are serving time with him inside that I know say.

Another interesting member of the Bombers consortium is the equal majority shareholder Craig Davison, who is also the majority shareholder in the Australian High Performance and Recovery centre, a hi-tech training centre the Bombers claim variously that they are going to build at Doomben racecourse, on airport land, or at the Gold Coast.

Davison’s close ties to The Poo bring him right into the Brisbane Racing frame, because the man who made his name flogging BBQ settings and statues made on the cheap in Sarawak during his time as M-D of The Outdoor Furniture Specialists was also the Chairman of the Brisbane Broncos Thoroughbreds.


The Broncos Thoroughbreds are a bunch of small-dicked never were sportsman who pay 20 grand for the privilege of becoming ‘insiders’ at the club, but really they are just hangers on who get some sort of ego boost from the intimate relationship with a group of young muscle clad footballers and poor excuses for ones like Ben Hunt.

Once they are through the club door the businessman who likely played soccer or vigoro at school dig deep into their pockets for cash in unmarked bills that they slip the boys under the guise of ‘financial mentoring’, which really means rorting the salary cap so that the Broncos can have an array of State of Origin and International players lined up across the park and still ‘abide’ by the rules, or on paper at least and not counting the unmarked used notes passed under the table.

Guess who was the Treasurer of the Thoroughbreds from 2005 to 2010?

None other that Steve ‘Goosie’ Gagel, subsequently and still a Director of the august time honored – well single digits are time too – institution the Brisbane Racing Club.


Goosie Gagel was from 2005-2007 the Treasurer of the Thoroughbreds under the chairmanship of Ken Talbot, the bribe payer and slipper of cash under the table to Wayne Bennett who died – or at least that’s what I’m told – before he could be sentenced to join his underling and co-conspirator in jail.

Although he escaped public attention when the story of the Bennett payments broke it is absolutely inconceivable that as the man in charge of the money he did not know about the contra cash payments to Bennett. Craig Davison who replaced Talbot would have known about it too, and that creates a problem, because Davison is in business with The Poo, and the Poo is charged with multiple counts of fraudulent practices in relation to the rigging of contracts for him to perform work for the BRC.

Do you recall me suggesting a couple of weeks ago that the contracts for the work performed at the BRC by The Poo – or more correctly, by his tribe of labor hire employee who ended up not getting paid – must have been approved at a higher level than that of The Pooh’s alleged so-conspirator Bad Billy Shuck?

This is where everything I have been saying for the past 2 months about the major issues surrounding the closeness of the relationships between people copping big cash in contracts, fees and payments from the BRC, and the potential for massive, and perhaps quite corrupt, conflicts of interest to influence or determine the contracts.

Now let me be perfectly clear, I am not saying that this happened; in fact I am not even suggesting it.

But just imagine this scenario.


Goosie Gagel is a Director of the BRC and is the Chair of the club’s Finance, Governance and Risk Management Sub-Committee. Obviously it is that committee which would either sign off on, or make recommendations to the rest of the Board to sign off on, contracts for major works.

Contracts like that granted to Landfill Logistics, a phoenix company that had risen from the ashes of a failed company named Liway (or Li-Way) Logistics that went broke owing every bugger in the world including its workers just a couple of years before The Poo copped the good earn from the BRC.

A bloke like Davison, who is a former business partner of Goosie’s and may or may not know things about the Broncos Thoroughbred’s dealings that Goosie Gagel – who signed off on that group’s cheques – doesn’t want made public.

Davison, or perhaps his business partner The Poo, has a quiet word in Goosie’s ear about how it might be in everyone’s best interests for the phoenixed company Landfill Logistics to win a contract or three for the Eagle Farm redevelopment. Goosie sees the sense of the proposition and makes sure that it happens, and then as chair of the sub-committee determining the contracts recommends and signs off on The Poo’s rebirthed failed company getting the biscuits.

Like I said, by no means am I asserting, stating or suggesting that this is what happened. But it sure COULD have, for if you assume as most do that the Thoroughbreds were in fact up to some form of salary cap skullduggery, then there would certainly be some doubts as to the consistent probity of anyone involved, and Goosie was part of the team and held the keys to the vault.

And Goosie himself is business partners with a bloke who has a bit of form in the dodgy department, so there is a question mark hanging over his head before the questions about the contracts even begin.



Goosie Gagel (left with the mouser on his upper lip) and Allan McKeown (right with the brylcreamed hair)

And now The Poo is charged with corruption, and so is Bad Billy Shuck, and I will proffer the opinion that the likelihood of them being good for the charges is about exactly the same as Winx winning a 3 horse weight-for-age handicap at Benalla next week if she were to be entered. If I am right then it means that all eyes might be focused on the folk who ticked off on the contracts to The Poo, and all fingers could very well be pointing at The Poo’s business partner Craig Davison’s old mate and business partner Goosie Gagel.

Perception is nine-tenths of reality wise women say, and this is a bad look when viewed from any angle. A real bad look indeed, an absolute Cedric Rocker.

And then you throw in the fact that the Brisbane Racing Club, Landfill Logistics, Craid Davison’s Outdoor Furniture company and a marketing company who has extensive dealings with the BRC are all partners in the Brisbane Bombers, and all of a sudden you have a turgid, fetid, toxic total f*cking mess.


But hey, I’m probably just over thinking the whole thing.

After all The Poo’s an honest man, just ask him. While you’re at it maybe you can ask him how he affords to pay his lawyers, his bills and the $22 000 he forks out to send his daughter to one of Brisbane’s elite Anglican private schools as well.

I’d ask him myself, however I don’t talk to blokes who make threats against me. Not for any longer than it takes to explain the symbiosis between the Geebung and Israeli reactions to threats and hostile attacks anyway.

I’m sure The Poo can explain it all.

If he can’t I’m sure Wayne and Lisa O’Brien from NSW can.

Cryptic Tuesday comes to a close.