A jolly chap named Mark Townend AM (below) is the CEO of the Queensland RSPCA.


For some unknown reason Mr Townend was also a shareholder in a firm named Shelter Management Pty Ltd, a private company that provided for-profit services to the not-for-profit animal protection charity.

I will tell you a whole lot more about that later. It will raise your eyebrows and cause you to reconsider the probity of the RSPCA, of that you can be assured. But for now just keep your eye on the other major shareholder of Shelter Management, a company named Brazil Farming, owned by a rich Queensland cocky named Franklyn Brazil.

Frankie Brazil used to hold 45 million shares in a company named Metabolic.


Metabolic was in the peptide business.

Think Steve Dank, the Essendon Bombers, the Cronulla Sharks …. you get the picture.

Metabolic tested their drugs on animals.

Regularly, and unceasingly.


The RSPCA doesn’t like the practice of testing products on innocent animals.

In fact, it doesn’t like it at all.

So tell me my friends, why was the RSPCA’s Queensland boss in business with fellas who owned large slices of outfits that performed laboratory experiments on poor wee hapless little critters?

Good question hey?

Watch this space, and you might just get some good answers too.