I just love those colonel bred stallions.

Especially on Tuesday nights when they are just 9 for 10 bucks.

I wonder if Reid Sanders, the former steward turned outsourced ‘integrity consultant’ to Harness Racing NSW, is Colonel Harland’s grandson?

Gee I hope so, because his Mum can cop a $500 bonus for dropping him on his head as a baby as a live foal. If his Dad’s nominated for the Breeder’s Challenge that is, and if was foaled in NSW.

Reid bloody Sanders hey? He’s back in Queensland you know, our man Mr Cobalt. So’s Matt Rudolph, another cobalt king. All we need now is Moods or Danny O to take over as Chairman of the QRIC and we’ll be in business. Perhaps Dick Van Dyke’s brother Dave can look after Animal Welfare, and we’ll be absolutely smoking.

The more things change in the land of Pineapples, the more they stay the same.

Don’t you worry about that.