I have to admit sportsfans that I have traveled through the many decades of my life harboring a view that a Director of a company or club who used their position – either actually or by encouragement – for personal gain was in breach of their fiduciary duties to either the shareholders of the company or the members of the club.

That’s what my Uncle told me anyway, and he owned and managed many high value, big revenue companies including the one that built the Coke sign in Kings Cross and made all the neon signs for KFC, Sizzler and most of famous racing and business man Bob Lapointe’s other restaurant chains so he should have known.

By the same token I have Maroon running through my blood, and am a huge fan of developing a top quality, sustainable breeding industry in Queensland across all codes, and believe strongly that we should promote sires who are based in our wonderful state, because it creates jobs (about 3), makes filthy rich breeders even richer or if it doesn’t tit strokes their hyper-competitive ego’s anyway, and it does something else as well although right at the moment I just can’t remember what.

Oh, that’s right! Now I remember!

It gives owners of sheila horses – we call the owners breeders, but they don’t have to be, all they have to do is own a piece of dirt north of the Tweed that a mare can live on – who buy frozen sperm from a sire standing in New Zealand or the US or anywhere in the world really a chance to cop 10% of every bonus that the progeny of the artificially inseminated mare that they’ve flogged off for profit at the sales wins during their 2, 3 and 4 year old racing careers, a potential windfall of up to $19 500.

And it gives them a thousand buck voucher to spend on yearlings, plus a chance to score yet another 11 grand or so in Racing Queensland sponsored breeding incentives.

But that’s just the chump change.

The real jumping jack flash for breeders, the Pot of Gold if you Will – particularly for those that operate a vertically integrated model that includes being vendors, purchasers, owners, syndicate members and lessees – is in the Australian Pacing Gold and Australasian Breeders Crown series of sales, commissions, incentives, vouchers, and race prize money, and in the tax advantages too.

It all might seem a bit oblique at the moment, but I have this unofficial rule about not publishing more than half a dozen ground breaking stories a day, particularly on days when there is Group 1 racing going on and I am yet to study the form so you’ll have to wait, but don’t worry it will be worth it because the full story is a cracker.

For now though just let me say that the article published on the Albion Park Harness Racing Club site yesterday and republished above with permission – there’s no paper work but I can feel in my waters that Clip Clop wanted me to, I sensed the vibe – is both true and at the same time absolute and utter bullsh*t, which in literary terms is known as a paradox, but on this site is described as free advertising at someone else’s expense other than Clip Clop Kev’s, or Kay’s.

The progeny of Changeover, the former champion NZ pacer who is one of my all-time favorite pacers despite the fact that his trainer Geoff Small used to whack his horses with illegal performance enhancing drugs, and who stands at the ostensibly Denning Family owned stud on the Darling Downs that is really a cattle station, performed very well indeed in September.


But the sire stallion who really impressed in September was Art Major, a stallion standing at Alabar Stud in New Zealand who had 10 individual winners of 13 races at Albion Park during the month. It’s funny how the APHRC forgot to mention that. I guess it’s because no member of the club’s committee owns or has shares in the horse, although a heap of them including – nay, lead by – Clip Clop breed their mares to the horse.

Clip Clop’s stallion Gotta Go Cullect, who stands at he and Kay’s Egmont Park stud, the one-time home of the great Queensland champion pacer Egmont Inanga, did pretty well too and I am by no means knocking his achievements. But the stallion did not ‘follow closely’ behind Changeover in the September sire success stories at Albion Park as claimed on the APHRC website. and Gotta Go Cullect’s record pales into insignificance when you put it up against some of the other sires whose progeny won at Albion Park in September, including:

Bettors Delight – 5 individual winners of 6 races RocknRoll Hanover – 5 individual winners of 5 races Grinfromeartoear – 5 individual winners of 6 races Modern Art  4 individual winners of 5 races Mach Three – 4 individual winners of 5 races

So why are the APHRC making these bold and completely outrageous and 9/10’s untrue statements about the ‘Stallions Who Impressed in September’? Because Clip Clop Kev pays the bills, or the club’s employees think he does anyway and want to give he and his mates a huge leg up, that’s why.

But lying never did anyone any good over a staying distance, and if you don’t believe me just take a look at what happened to the master exponent of the PR spin Joseph Goebbels and then tell me that I’m wrong if you dare.

There’s one thing that I will concede though.

It is time for a Changeover. And I hope that when election day comes I do have to Gotta Go Cullect, and ain’t that the truth.

Vote 1 Archie – there’s a little bit of him in you, and a little bit of Clip Clop Kev too.

The good bit.