Did anyone see this article about the Man Who Sold the World – or privatised all of Victoria’s public assets at least – in this morning’s Courier-Mail?

If it seems a little strange that the motormouth former Victorian Premier and current Chairman of the hapless Hawthorn Hawks footy club would bowl into BrisVegas on a Sunday and start raving about the Eagle Farm racetrack debacle then I can explain.

He is spruiking for his mate’s hubby, who wants to become the Clip Clop Kev of thoroughbred racing and get his wrinkled fingers into every pie, not just the current half that he has access to while Racing Queensland rule the roost.

You know that that function the paper said Kennett was in town for? The one at Eagle Farm?

It was Nifty Nev Bell the BRC Chairman ‘s 70th birthday party.

The two chairman are mates, or more correctly Chairman Jeff is mates with Nifty’s missus the one time Mary Burney, a Liberal Party blue blood whose family are connected to the Colt from Kooyong, the race-loving father of English trainer Jane Chapple-Hyam Andrew Peacock, one-time husband of Susan Sangster – who traded him up for Sweetenham Stud founder Robert – and former politician Andrew Peacock.

That’s what that’s all about.

But Kennett’s a has-been clown and a fool, and Nifty’s showed his true colours by rolling him out to spruik the case for the Kilto Park ‘stud’ owner with a single stallion that no four-legged sheila wants to root to be handed the Queensland racing kingdom.

What next?

Will Nifty be employing Tim Nicholls and Can Do Campbell’s PR company as the BRC’s registered lobbyist or something?


“What’s that Mum?”

They already have?


Geez its a dangerous game tying your sails to the mast of a no-hoper like Tim Nicholls party isn’t it sportsfans.

Doesn’t Nifty know that the entire ALP caucus reads this website – in fact the whole House of Broken Dreams does – and that Labor folk are the greatest haters in the whole wide world and always exact retribution from fool who sail in the other sides ship?

I wonder if he understands that Paul Keating, for reasons right or wrong, is the most revered figure in modern Labor history?

Now he was a hater old PJK and he still is, but in the entire 30 odd years of his parliamentary career there were two blokes that he hated head and shoulders above all the others.

One was Johnny Howard.

The other was the fella who one famous day in 1986 used parliamentary privilege to first make a claim that as a young bloke Keating had reneged on a promise to marry a bird named Kristine, and then to pour petrol on a fast igniting PJK fire by inferring that the then Treasurer had knocked Kristine up before abandoning her and left her alone to drop an illegitimate foal.


Keating – who is a close mate, mentor and absolute idol of the Queensland Premier – went ballistic about the false but highly damaging slurs made in the defamation free zone by the fella, almost popping his top as he screamed across the floor of Parliament that the bloke, who was a good mate and strong supporter of Andrew Peacock, was a “scumbag”, a “maggot”, and a piece of “criminal garbage”.

The bloke’s name?

Wilson ‘Ironbar’ Tuckey.


Guess who had flown from WA to be one of the guests of honour in the exclusive  ‘by invitation only’ crowd of just 75 at Nifty Nev’s slap up birthday lunch?

Wilson ‘Ironbar’ Tuckey.

Let this little black duck give you a tip hot off the press from behind closed doors in George Street.

Nifty will want to hope like hell that the LNP win the upcoming State Election and so will the unwitting BRC member’s that he’s dragged into the political fire, because a lot of people who hold very senior positions of political power in the Pineapple land are very, very unhappy with the Chairman of the club after learning about Nifty’s spitting in their eye and that of their living God by rolling out the red carpet for Ironbar.

In fact they’re absolutely f*cking livid.


Now I’m not saying that a couple of phone calls I made this arvo after first contacting one of Keating’s best mates of my acquaintance had anything to with the matter, or that they didn’t know about Nifty’s shenanigans already, but I tell you what they certainly didn’t know some of the details that I gave them, and they appreciated the photos.

Loose lips sink ships Nifty, and you’ve got at least half of dozen of them old son.

I told you to read the Banjo and learn about Geebung boys and getting square didn’t I? It’s not my fault that you ignored me.


Happy birthday Mr Chairman, Happy Birthday to you.

PS: you didn’t invite Darby McCarthy to the do did you?